Jesus Take The Wheel: Gay Man Threatens To Release Sex Tape If Pastor Does Not Step Down!

Lord have mercy, this young man has a tape that he's shopping to the church deacons with hopes of getting the pastor REMOVED. Markeith Rivers “The Down Low Detective,” says local pastor is living a double life.  


  1. funkyslsistah'sSaturday, 08 August, 2015

    Ann, If what this young man says is true he needs to know that since that is a Methodist church if the pastor does not step down the only person with the power to remove the pastor is the bishop of that area, the people at that church have no say in it due to Methodism using the itinerant system to assign pastors. Also someone in the denomination must file a formal charge against the pastor with the church/ Bishop to have him removed otherwise legally the bishop cannot remove him either.

  2. Yes Mrs.Ann I spoke with this young man...he wants to get this story out because he's tired of these down low preacher getting away with this...preaching one thing and doing another. .this story is going viral as we speak

  3. I pray they don't have him killed


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