Is Sarah Jakes Simply Another Gospel Rich Kid Showing Off??

Readers, is it true that most of these next generation GOSPEL kids are relishing in a platforms their parents have provided for them? And is it also true that they are simple gospel rich kids showing off  what the tithe money has afforded them the "fashion, hair and makeup"?

 Some are saying Sarah Jakes Roberts was offended by the truth, which is partly the reason she responded twice to a comment left on her Instagram  page. Sarah Jakes Roberts, Bishop T.D. Jakes’ oldest daughter is highly upset that an Instagram commenter managed to push her button, via a comment on her Instagram page. It all began when the "first lady" posted a photo of herself wearing a questionable outfit, that caused some criticism.

"If people came to her site looking for fashion (and when was that established that she's a fashion maven?), why give them what they're looking for. Just because she also had other messages on the site doesn't mean they took that with them too. You can put drugs and fruit on a table but the drug addict will take the drugs. The food may never be touched. LET'S TELL THE TRUTH HERE. Most of these next generation kids are relishing in the platforms their parents have provided for them. THAT money is what's affording the "fashion, hair and makeup". It's simply gospel rich kids showing off. 
This is the comment that pissed off  Sarah: 
"Beautiful outfit, but Lord Jesus these "Christians" and their attire! The world is going to hell in a hand basket and every time I turn around, "Christians" aren't using social media to tell the world about a Savior. They are using it mostly from a carnal stand point. Hmmm, "clothes" or "lives?" I wonder which one does the Lord care more about us touching. You have a huge platform and THE WORLD is definitely watching. Be blessed."  

  Sarah Jakes Instagram 


  1. She's definitely her fathers daughter, knowing their way with words. I read it but still figuring out what she means, but then again maybe because English is not my language.

    1. The most folks who are following her are young foolish black women.....who want to be seen. What do you think about what she posted on her Instagram picture: When your stylist stocks your closet so well you just get to walk in the closet and play. This old dress as a jacket with my favorite ripped jeans from Tarjay made for a comfy day.

    2. It all seems so shallow to me. The more you get to know Christ the more things like clothes and other stuff become less important. These children grew up watching their dads perform so that's what they do.

  2. The only thing worst then a pimping preacher is a mega church pastors perpetrating kids.

    Franklin Graham
    Manasseh Jordan
    Joel Osteen
    Sarah Jakes
    And so many others

    They don't really live in "The real world"

    They have never had to
    Pay for their own schooling
    fill out a job application,
    Or work their way up to a position.

    Their rich pastor/father just put them in a place of leadership with no demands of proving knowledge, education or if they were even capable of leading anything.

    But they try to relate to every day people talking about THEIR STRUGGLE.

    So YES. She is just another gospel rich kid showing off.

    1. It's all sad and true.

    2. Sad,the clash between anointing and fashion!!

    3. Cop here's a comment from her Instagram page which says it all for me:

      THE PHOTO @sarahjakesroberts POSTED WAS FROM A VANITY FILLED SPIRIT. SHE WAS BRAGGING AND BOASTING ABOUT HER ATTIRE AND I CALLED HER OUT ON IT! Her response quickly proved to me that she's a BRAT too! I don't give a fat rat about what is or isn't in her closet. That was pathetic! I also didn't know she is a FIRST LADY! That annoys me even more. If I were a young lady looking for a church home and ran across that pic, I would think twice about visiting that church because it would be obvious to me that "clothes" possibly trumped "salvation!" This is such a materialistic country. That's why the Kardashians are so popular. @sarahjakesroberts pic instantly reminded me of them. Her pic looked just like the world, NOT THAT OF A FIRST LADY! This world is going to hell in a hand basket! The church is starting to mirror the world. Churches looking like clubs. Club music played in the church. Folks doing the "Nene" in church. GOD IS NOT PLEASED! Lastly, all of you attackers are obviously all church members who are more interested in clothes, fashion, and feel good religion. Again, pathetic because you all are either really lost or just church wimps! I refuse to respond anymore to a group of small minded and sadly confused people. Almost sound like a yall are apart of a cult! And that's why lost folks are wondering why do they have to go to church if the church mirrors the world. Christ didn't die for this.

    4. Kudo to whomever it was that posted that comment. Now that is some truth right there. Her followers are nothing but puppets she pulls their strings and they jump at her command. SAD.

  3. Sarah doesn't want the truth. Why is it children of Christ are the main ones who don't want to be reproved or rebuked? 2 Timothy 4:2.

  4. Well I am not allowed to touch this subject - but you know I would love to LOL!

    TJ - CFR

    1. TJ your comment is welcome here.

    2. We have a moratorium on Preach Kids so I can't - but would love too if I could. LOL



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