I Won't Be Distracted, Shaun King Continue The Good Work,We Got Your Back!

Readers, I'll always be proud of Shaun King and his work. I have been following this young man's work for years every since I ran across he and his wife blog many years ago. Praying that he keeps doing the work that is set before him, by not allowing the noise on the sideline to pull him off course.   I'm loving how the Black Christian Community is standing behind Activist Shaun King. Check out a couple of tweets:

Shaun King And Why We’re So Quick To Believe White Folks


  1. He is biracial. It's just another tactic to attempt to discredit him and to distract people away from the movement.

    1. Anonymous it doesn't matter if he's biracial or not he is obviously doing good work if he even got their attention. When you're under attack you know you are waking others up. I pray he keep up that great work that has them so butt hurt!

    2. http://www.vox.com/2015/8/19/9180389/the-shaun-king-controversy-explained

  2. I agree Shaun King has done some great work 4 the #BlackLivesMatter movement. IMO he is still a good person and I hope he continues.

  3. To me it seems we were harder on the white lady who pretended to be black, nutty as she was. I could not care less but I ask why are blacks more forgiving of men them of women. For instance, ever see the church go crazy when a black man says he wants to be baptized?


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