Get Over It: I'm Black, I'm a Minister and I’m Gay.

Readers, should people who believe that homosexuality is a sin be allowed to create communities that exclude homosexuals? Author and Minister  BENJAMIN C. EVANS III said it's time to put aside differences, be willing to preach love and make room for people of all colors and sexual orientations.


  1. Satan I rebuke you!!!

  2. Why is dude trying to mix 'color' with 'sexual orientation'? Paaaa-leezzzze.

  3. Well if he can get over being thrown in the lake of fire.....this is so sad!!!

  4. A persons sexuality is between them, God, and the person or people that they're sleeping with. People have to accept the fact that no one can make choices for anyone else. All of the ostracizing that the church is doing will only detract from their core message, disengage the people, and eventually make church as we know it disappear.

  5. These HOMOSEXUAL, CHRISTIAN PASTORS are passionate about love and acceptance, but NEVER give a scripture & verse that can support the homosexual lifestyle.

  6. Why would one say they believe the Bible, attempt to supposedly teach the Bible, but not believe in all of the Bible enough to even try to adhere to it?

    Even with fornication or adultery, if one is still in sin andhe/she is unwilling to lay the sin down then she/he shouldn't be in a leadership role in the church.

    Yes come to church hear the good news, be healed and set free....then if God says so teach or preach.

    The Bible says not many should be seems that today many want to teach but they don't want to live the Bible.

  7. This guy is loaded with pride. He admits nothing is wrong with him committing homosexual acts.

  8. Gay life style is destroying the black community.

  9. And some often want to compare people like this guy to ministers and pastor who commits adultery or steal thing about the adulterous minister...they don't boast in pride to others that people should accept them in their adultery unlike this guy in his boastful and prideful ways...


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