Erica Campbell: 'More Caucasian Children Gravitate To Christian Hip hop'???

Readers, do you think this is true, if so why?  Why are so many Christian rap fans white?  This is an important topic and needs to be discussed. It's not to offend white people and I want to challenge those who say it's "more race talk" to really examine why they do not like discussing issues of race. Lecrae recently posted something asking why a lot of his white fans do not like discussing the topic of race.

Dr. Anthony Bradley, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at The King’s College in New York City, answered at Legacy Conference 2015 why it seems like, "more Caucasian children gravitate to [Christian hip hop]," which Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell said in an interview this spring. Bradley has published multiple books on race, religion and culture — including Black and Tired and Liberating Black Theology — and been featured on CNN/Headline News, Fox News, NPR and more for his expertise.

In my opinion, the reason this issue is being discussed is because there is a large segment of the Church (black church )that is not exposed or open to Christian rap music. They widely accept gospel artist but not Christian hip hop artists. A lot of Christian artists articulate the gospel in a way that the youth in urban communities doesn't get to hear therefore they are not being reached. This is why it is an issue.


  1. folks ain't gonna support this mess...the whole concept "holy Hp hop" / "Christian rap" is an oxymoron. Nothing holy about hip hop. Glad for the most part black Christians ain't falling for this deception. We now need to abandon some of the other disguises coming across as Christian.

  2. I think white kids embrace hip hop in general more so is because culturally they are set less limits. Rap is still not wholly accepted in the Black communities around the world and people do not often take it serious. Old school black folk never like anything you can attach the word new too.

  3. No such thing .The Lord is not Glorified by it. All self gratification. She needs to be truly born again that's the only way she can see her error cconcerning this music.

  4. Who's the judge that set the standards as to what's acceptable and what's not acceptable worship music? Why are we limiting the gifts that God is giving the church? We must remember, all music are forms of art that speaks about the artist present reality... And the last time I checked, God welcomed all forms of art when David said let everything that has breath praise The Lord... So I welcome all artistic forms of music that glorifies God...

    1. The Bible is the Judge for what music is acceptable, and what music is not acceptable. You as a "REV", should know this. Paul's admonishment about music in two plain and simple Bible verses where he states in Ephesians 5:19 "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; and Colossians 3:16 "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." Notice in the Ephesians passage where it says "making melody". A melody is a simple tune, and the simple tune should accompany and compliment the lyrics, not overpower the lyrics. With most of "gospel" music, the tunes are not simple, but rather complicated and the rhythms and beats are carnal. And not to talk about the lyrics so much, but the lyrics are trite and repetitive, and in most cases, not Biblical at all. Many of the lyrics and music are borrowed from artists of the world. These songs appeal more to our flesh than to our spirit. GOSPEL SONGS SHOULD BE SPIRITUAL (not worldly or fleshly) SONGS. These "gospel" artists don't do psalms; they don't do hymns and as a matter of fact, these artists seem to be ANTI- HYMN. Also, See my response in the Rance Allen Blog where I compared a Rance Allen song to the Spiritual Song "COMIING HOME".

      We are to judge things that are spiritual and things that are worldly. We are to separate ourselves from the worldly and not mix the sacred with the profane. Mixing the world with things that are sacred was one of the reasons God destroyed the world by flood. '

      One more simple verse Exodus 32:18 "And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that SING DO I HEAR." Joshua heard them sing, and he knew their song was not a spiritual song praising and glorifying God, but rather a song different as they worshiped the idol, the GOLDEN CALF.

      You asked why are we limiting the gift? You will not find anywhere in Scripture where singing is listed as a "gift". You can find all the gifts in Corinthians, Ephesians and Romans. And one more thing, where do you get the idea that God welcome all forms of ART? Certainly not from Scriptures. Unlike YOU, I do not welcome all artistic forms that "glorify" God. Please "REV", teach the truth, and not just your philosophies. Be not deceived, GOD IS NOT MOCKED...

    2. I'm glad you referenced Paul... I'm wondering what hymns are Paul talking about? The only hymn book we have record of is The Book of Psalms... So, if any music is rendered outside of the Book of Psalms, then in your estimation, it is out of order... In your reference to Joshua, do we have record on what spiritual songs the Jews were allowed?

    3. Yes, I believe and teach the Bible is the final judge of everything...

      when I said God welcomes all forms of art, I meant to add, "All forms of art that glorifies Him."

    4. LOOK...this is not that difficult. Stop trying to argue to make a point you do not have. You asked "Who's the judge that set the standards as to what's acceptable and what's not acceptable worship music?" I answered the Bible. Now you are agreeing with me the Bible is the final judge. I cited Paul (who you said you were glad I bought up), and NOW you are showing to be more inept when concluding "the only hymn book we have is the Book of Psalms". To say the only hymns we have are the Psalms is silly when Paul referenced three categories: hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs. Hymns are not the same as the Psalms. So let's not play ignorant. I know you have heard of such a thing called a "HYMNAL".

      Another thing, I only mentioned the Joshua passage to point out the difference between a sacred song and a profane or world song. Has nothing to do with your "suspicious" question of what spiritual songs the Jews were allowed. The song Joshua heard when Moses came from the mount was not sacred; this when the Israelites worshiped the GOLDEN CALF.

      Also, if you believe and teach the Bible is the final judge of everything, where is it in the Bible you get "All forms of art that glorifies Him". ANSWER: You get that from no where in the Bible, cause the Bible doesn't teach that. And finally, no need to tell me what you meant when you said "God welcomes all forms of art. I had a very good idea what you meant. Unfortunately, I don't believe most, if not all the music done by Mary Mary and Christian rappers glorify God.

    5. Why are you so offensive in your responses? You failed to give evidence of what songs Paul and Joshua referenced in your critique of what I stated... Please give biblical evidence of what was sung by the early church... Since we're to be technical, the only form of worship we have recorded in Scripture without a shadow of doubt are the Psalms...

      We must put in context what Paul was referencing, the first converts to Christianity were Jews. They brought with them from the synagogue their highly cherished Psalms. The Book of Psalms were and is the songbook of the congregation of the temple.

      As the word hymn in the context of the text referenced, it's a Hellenistic term which refers to songs of praise, The Gentiles used hymns to praise the heroic acts of their gods. The Greeks, Romans, and other Gentiles, once they received salvation, took the practices of their former worship and transformed it to worship the true and living God... By this, the worshippers expressed their reverence of God and their appreciation for salvation.

      The term "songs" is a neutral term for singing: Spiritual songs (Spirit-led, Spirit-given or Spirit-determined) are all kinds of songs that are spiritually inspired, separated unto God, and which expresses spiritual thoughts and feelings.

      The common goal of all three was/is for believers to praise God in unison by not lording one school of thought over another, to admonish (teach) one another to put to death their earthly desires and clothe themselves with the qualities of Christ in their pursuit of truth.

      The purpose of all spiritual music- psalms, hymns, or spiritual songs, all are for the edification of one another and to glorification of God.

    6. OK Rev…this is getting out of hand. Let's Go back. You started out on this blog asking two questions, Who's the judge that set the standards as to what's acceptable and what's not acceptable worship music? Why are we limiting the gifts that God is giving the church? I attempted to answer both. For your first question (you coming across very judgmental of those who may say christian rap or hip hop is bad) I answered saying the The Bible is the judge for what music is acceptable, and what music is not acceptable. Eventually you agreed that the Bible is the final judge of everything. For you second question, I answered saying singing is not a gift and referenced Ephesians, Romans and Corinthians for the list of spiritual gifts. You gave no feedback to my response to your question. After you asked your two question, you made the dogmatic claim to say all music are forms of art that speaks about the artist present reality and you welcome all artistic forms of music that glorifies God. My response to this claim was simply to quote what Paul wrote to note we should speak to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord. A melody is a simple tune and should be what a spiritual song should emphasize, not the harmony, not the rythym, but the melody. And in keeping with a topic mentioned in the Blog Title (christian rap), I mentioned Joshua to cite a difference between the sacred and the profane as far as music goes. I've attempted to address your questions and statements. Now you are snowballing, asking me to give biblical evidence of the songs sung by Paul and the Jews. The Bible does not give us such songs. You will have to go to extra-biblical source to propose what songs they may have sung. For a main point in my discussion, I'm saying songs like Christian Rap are not songs that glorify God because its mixing the spiritual with the world. I think that the Bible heavily encourages not to do such. You said that all music are forms of art that speaks about the artist present reality and you welcome all artistic forms of music that glorifies God. How were you able to come up with this conclusion biblically? Are they any verses you can reference to support this idea?

    7. We have to agree to disagree as to what forms of music are acceptable to God...

      I asked the questions because we have many who try to say God only accepts one genre of music which contradicts Scripture.... I asked for a Scripture evidence and according to those you gave, I believe I explained myself by showing what Paul and the Scriptures says about singing...

      I wasn't dogmatic in anything I stated, if anything I put the Scriptures you referenced in their proper context...

      If anything, saying Christian rap are not songs that glorifies God, in my estimation is very opionated. Christian music has through the years progressed and evolved...

      It's very hard to find a congregation today that are singing strictly the psalms, strictly hymns, or strictly negro spirituals (corn ditties).

      If we just take the negro spirituals alone, the lyrics were tightly linked with the lives of the authors. Their present reality and hope was expressed through their music... "Jordan River I'm bound to cross."

      Thomas A. Dorsey after losing his wife and unborn child wrote "Precious Lord", his music reflected his present reality...

      "We shall overcome" and "This little light of mine" are songs that reflects the artist present reality...

      How is Christian rap any different? It's not...

      For the record: Sister Rosetta Tharpe was the pioneer who sung Gospel outside the church walls... And the church today are still singing songs she wrote...

    8. Psalms 96:1; Psalms 98:1; Isaiah 42:10; Psalms 100:2... Are just a few Scripture references that instructs all believers in every part if the world to worship God through singing... If I'm in Africa I'm going to worship God through singing as that culture does. The same is true for China, the Islands, Europe, and many other different cultures... No wrong or right way...

    9. As to the topic of the post... I agree with the professor, we must be open to different genres of Gospel Music that glorifies God... There must be balance...

    10. First of all, the verses you listed only admonishes us to sing a "new song". They don't say anything about the type of songs we should sing, and don't address my question as to how you arrive at your DOGMATIC conclusion that all music are forms of art that speaks about the artist present reality and your welcoming all artistic forms of music that glorifies God.

      Again, Paul admonishes us to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. He is not talking about genres of music, but rather songs as they are composed and arranged to glorify God - "new songs". He continues on in the verse saying making "MELODY" in your hearts. A song is composed of melody, lyrics, harmony and rhythm. Paul used the word "melody", that for spiritual songs should mainly emphasized, the lyrics should be biblical, the harmony should only accompany the melody (unlike a lot of Black gospel music where harmony is emphasize) and the rhythm should be subtle as background only for all songs to be spiritual.

      Don't matter if you are in Africa, Europe, a slave in the South, Pakistan or the boonies far away, God word is the final instruction for all on the songs we sing unto Him. Scripture is not of private interpretation about this verse. All people over the face of the planet should sing new songs unto the LORD. The Spirit of God indwells all believers and teaches all believers the right meaning of God's Word. Problem is we don't want to lay before Him (Africans, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, Thomas Dorsey or whomever) to study to show ourselves approved, we just simply do not want to obey the command to separate ourselves from the world.

      Take for example ROCK music, where the "big rhythmic beat" is the main emphasis (not the melody), you get Frank Zappa saying about his very own music "“Rock music is sex. The big beat matches the body’s rhythms”. Or Missy Elliot saying about Rap in her very own album the song So Addictive,” is “a seductive cocktail of quirky rhythms and hypnotic beats.”, and Tina Turner saying “Rock and roll is fun, it’s full of energy ... It’s naughty”, and BLUES music described as “sexually syncopated sounds”. God is not quirky. God is not naughty. And none of these characteristics of any genre of music should be a part of our "new song".

      You can't have these "genres" of music with the way they are arranged and composed and turn them into spiritual songs, no matter how you slip Jesus' name in the lyrics. You mentioned "It's very hard to find a congregation today that are singing strictly the psalms, strictly hymns, or strictly negro spirituals (corn ditties)." Not God's problem. Problem is people want to do things they way. The Bible teaches His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. There are tons of hymns and spiritual songs out there. The churches made a choice not to use the Hymnals, and the saints don't want to sing them. Most of the folks in "gospel" music are AGAINST THE HYMNS. Why when the Scriptures admonishes us to sing HYMNS. This is REBELLION! God judge them!!! We don't need to be open to different NOTHING (sorry don't mean to sound offensive, I'm just well you know...). That's where the Devil comes in. I'M DONE!!!

    11. I meant to say "And none of these characteristics of any genre of music should NOT be a part of our "new song".

    12. REV, Here is a good example of a spiritual song.. note the melody is the main emphasis of the song...listen to how the music serves to only complement in the song...


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