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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

What The Heck Is Christian Erotica?

Let the Church say AMEN! Readers, erotica is experiencing a very big comeback. What does this mean for Christians? I just read this article last night and I'm guessing from the article that it's time to tie the gospel to porn. Heck, why not, the gospel in the last year have been linked with trap music, the club and now porn. Former first lady and author DiShan Washington of  The Preacher's Wifey and Diary of a Mad First Lady shared her views about sex and she didn't cut no corners.

 Ms. Washington basically said that women in marriages are boring which ultimately ruined her marriage due to the old schools principals she learned from her mother and grandmother about what a wife should or should not do during sex or in their sex life. DiShan feels that married women need to be more freaky behind closed doors because it's nothing wrong at all with sex and compensating greatly in the bedroom with your spouse. DiShan Washington is a former pastor's wife and current bestselling Christian erotica writer.


  1. Ms.Ann riddle me this:Now, if the Author couldn't save her own marriage, what makes her think she can save others? Ijs

    1. Anonymous, I clearly think that this woman is using the wrong terms here. Firstly, I would not refer to it as, "Christian erotica". Secondly, I would not give it erotic titles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy and "spicy" sexual relationship between two married people of the opposite sex. But I believe that if her goal is to make women feel more comfortable with their sexuality and their role in the bedroom, then she could have approached this from another angle. Because if she is writing sexual situations intended to arouse other people, then there is no difference between that and pornography. I would say she is on a very slippery slope with what she is currently writing and apparently filming. The filming is wrong on all levels, whether the couples in the film profess to be Christians or not. In the films alone, she is definitely promoting pornography.

    2. Ms. Ann, I agree! this is Unbiblical. The only thing to save a marriage is Christ at the center of a marriage yoke, let's start there.

    3. Eroticism has nothing to do with Christianity. Prayer and self discipline is the name of the game. It's rather depressing when people begin tampering with Christ's words.

  2. This is one way of getting porn accepted by Christians.

    1. Bessie, I agree. What is Christian erotica?? Kinda contradictory if you ask me.

  3. God created sex to be between a married man and woman. Supposed to b a beautiful, loving, wonderful , pleasurable act. But it's an intimate act between just those two. A private affair. So writing about it? Hmmmm

  4. I tell you what, people are coming up with all crazy idea about how to keep their marriage and make books about them ,if the pastor is asking for something crazy rather then normal sex that will be perversion ,ungodly and disrespectful to your spouse .The problem is this they need Jesus badly ,they need to learn how to love one another with all their hearts and fulfill their needs as the Bible tells them to do so with respect for one another .Is so sad that people in our days are getting more carnal then spiritual and try to mix worldly stuff with biblical teaching .If they want to have a healthy marriage ,Jesus has to be the center of their lives there is no other way.

    1. I READ THE synopsis of all of the books Dishan Washington has written."I did not want to judge this material until I had a chance to read a synopsis on each. After reading DiShan Washington's work, there is no other words to describe it other than, pornographic smut. These books are far from being Christian in any sense of the word. And I can't help but wonder why Ms. Washington, who professes to be a Christian, would ever write trash like this. It is very obvious that she has a great deal of talent, but she appears to have decided to waste it. She is getting a lot of high ratings, but only from those who are addicted to pornography."

  5. "Christian erotica is basically my way of taking what the secular world has perverted, and made us feel ashamed of," she says.

    Huh? I may be wrong here, but I'm not sure what she's talking about. I've yet to see anything in the "secular world" that has made anyone feel ashamed of sex. In the religious sphere though...

    "And she didn't really even think about her own sexual needs, because she was raised to believe sex was for men."

    Well, would you look at that. Religion making someone feel ashamed about sex, or making them feel that sex was only for men. Odd. I haven't seen that in the "secular world" yet though. Its funny, she thinks that the "secular world" has somehow made people ashamed of sex, while at the same time religious people parrot abstinence, sex for the sole purpose of procreation, etc.

    There are many in her own religion who would say she wasn't a "real Christian" because of what she writes. Logical fallacies abound, it seems.

  6. Hell it sounds to me more like someone has just found a new business angle to exploit.

  7. Not surprised this is happening, we have a number of black women already running around in the black church dressed like hoochie mamas at a night club.


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