Racism Is So Deeply Implanted In America That The 7th Black Church Can Be Burn And It's Not Even News???

Readers, kudo's and thanks to Father Michael Pfleger Facebook, for today's blog entry: While a SEVENTH BLACK CHURCH BURNS in South Carolina.....it should be clear to all of us that ending Racism in America will take much more than simply taking down a flag or a Great Speech by a President......Racism runs deep in the DNA of America and is supported and affirmed every day corporately and individually. It is as Natural as the air we breath....It will take a Consistent and courageous commitment to expose it wherever it shows its ugly head and dismantle the systems that enforce it........I mean it's so deep that the 7th church burns and it's not even news, America would never allow the burning of a Synagogue to be ignored!!!!!!!!! #‎whoisburningblackchurches‬


  1. I agree with Father Michael. The same people who talked on end about a CVS being burnt down remain silent as black churches burn repeatedly. ‪#‎WhoIsBurningBlackChurches‬

  2. Thank you Father Michael, if 7 white churches had burned down in 14 days, after 9 white people were killed by a person of any other race in a house of worship, can you imagine what would be happening right now?
    Imagination muscles flex...right now we're calling for media coverage of the horror of it, yes. But that's not all, not hardly.Imagine further - National Guard, militia, local police and folks flocking to the region to support armed guard shifts of those churches still standing.Millions raised to rebuild and never forget.Terms like terrorism and war thrown about.And, accurate or not, we'd have been had a clear answer to ‪#‎whoisburningblackchurches‬ as well.
    So that's why ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ can't be all lives matter. The racism and hatred black people are up against is so devastating that most days all we ask for is folks to look at the fire.
    But it's not enough - fire spreads...that's the law of nature. We have to pinpoint who is playing these death games with fire.
    We have to be an ocean.

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  4. There sadly may be truth to this opinion; however, as Christians, both black and white, we must also realize that this world is giving a blind eye towards all Christian persecution. In fact, I feel there is a general attitude that it's OK, that Christians deserve it somehow.

    Let not evil cause us to beget more evil by allowing our hearts to be filled with bitterness. Racism indeed fills the hearts of some to burn a church down. But at the core of racism is evil, as the devil hates all who love the Lord.

  5. People are so off track on racism. It is not even about color. It is about creationism vs. evolution. Dr. Kent Hovine, who is presently doing a ten year stent in prison for teaching creation here in the good Ol USA, has some great YouTube videos that have been put on there by so many. by the way, over 500 have been saved during this time in his prisons). When God created man, we were equal. When evolution began to be taught in the elitists' schools, we were not equal and some were superior to others, like Hitler. Aborigines were ape-like and all killed off in the early 60s, as well as blacks, etc. called eugenics, as per Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood, who wanted to exterminate the black race as they were inferior. She has been very successful in eradicating half the black population, as people do not know her and their history. If we went back to teaching Biblical creation, and that all men are created by and made in the image of God, things would heal over the years, I would think. I see it as the only answer.


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