Once Again Social Media Is Upset With Dr. Cornel West This Time For Attacking Young Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates!

Readers, Cornel West took to his Facebook page yesterday to deliver a blistering takedown of Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose new book, Between the World and Me, came out this week. Mr. West seemed to take issue particularly with Toni Morrison’s endorsement of the book—which addresses the issue of race in America in the form of a letter to Mr. Coates’ son—and the fact that she had compared Mr. Coates to our generation’s James Baldwin.

Check out some of the comments that were left on Dr. West page, especially the two below.

 "Dr. West, I love you and respect your contributions, but this obsession to tear down or dismiss any of our brilliantly talented brothers and sisters just because they don't join you in your opposition to President Obama is too much. For the sake of your legacy and for all the contributions you have yet to make, please reconsider. and change course or I fear you may be relegated to a punch line, a byword or worse, billcosbied: someone once revered and respected in the Black community but now just a huge disappointment and embarassment."

"Brother West..I have two questions offered out of respect: 1)Did you ever think that someone could have said something very similar to you when you were about Ta-Nehisi's age and "Race Matters" was released? Instead, you were given the respect you deserved for your new insights and value contributions to the public dialogue on race. You should have done the same for Brother Coates. 2) Have you shared these views with Ta-Nehisi in a private conversation? If you are being genuine when you say he has a gifted voice, isn't your role as a elder intellectual to engage in building a relationship and guide him rather than publicly tear him down on Facebook? I may not agree with the content, but I'm old school and would have respected it and you more if you had done it in private."


  1. Ms. Ann have you read the book?

    1. Bessie, I have ordered the book I should be getting it by July 24th.


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