Minister Speak Out About His Arrest At Joel Osteen Lakewood Church!

Readers, in the video clip below, is Jacob Gardner, one of the 6 men who were recently arrested for preaching inside Lakewood Church. The media has labeled and called them "hecklers" and "cult members" but you have to be the judge for yourselves on that.   Oh, by the way, I do believe Pastor Joel Osteen will be pressing criminal trespassing charges even though he said that he wouldn't.

The chatter online is that these men are deliberately seeking publicity. Targeting high-profile large events with big audiences that the media will cover. And, this isn't about religion and being righteous, they are staging for attention. Thoughts?


  1. Ann a person looking from the outside in might have thought they were out of order for doing that but I believe sometimes God may take extreme measures to warn the wicked because they won't hear it any other way.

  2. 1st Corinthians 14:33



  3. It was an orchestrated mess. The men were strategically sitting around the church to stand and shout to interrupt the flow of service. Imagine going to church and all around the room someone stands ans screams as another is escorted away.Even if they are shouting scriptures if it is not to keep the peace then is it disorderly.

  4. Imagine throwing Oteen out of the temple using a rope for a whip . . . that would be heinous!


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