Lord Have Mercy, Once Again DeVon Franklin Is Defending The Way His Wife Dresses In Public!!?!?

Readers, during an ESSENCE Festival empowerment panel this weekend Newlywed couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, took some time out from the panel discussion to address once again Meagan believed to be haters. In my opinion if you profess to be a follower of Christ then His word sets the standards in the Bible for all dress and lifestyles. The Bible encourages Christians to dress “with modesty and soundness of mind.” While it is true that God looks beyond our outward appearance as Mr. Franklin stated but our heartfelt desire as Christians is to show respect for God, His words, other Christians, and even non-believers.

 Our dress and grooming should never be a cause for stumbling others. How one dress is a direct reflection of one's moral standards whether Mr. Franklin wants to agree or not...and it is not a matter of whether he approves or what she wants to do.


  1. Ms. Ann, If he as a married Black man has no issues with his wife dressing like a hoochie mama, then that's on him. I will not have any female relative from sister, wife or cousins to walk out the door exposing themselves in a sexualize manner. This is what living in that degenerate fishbowl that's Hollywood and the integration of negroes into European perversion will do to them, it'll have them condoning, normalizing degeneracy which is why we've lost our damn way as Black people commanding ridicule instead of respect.

  2. She claims to be a Christian and is a minister's wife. Her heart is important, yet people won't see her heart if they're staring at her cleavage and backside. She can still dress attractively and flatter her figure without showing every little bit of everything. There's no excuse for it. And how she dresses reflects on him.

    1. Born To Win I agree, if you are a minister's wife you have to dress and act like it!..she chose to be with him over any man she probably could of have!..that's was wrong with relationship..We always get into situation with wrong motive and then you want a divorce!..woman up and put on some clothes!


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