Karen Clark Sheard Hopes To Reach The Club Culture With New Album?!?!?

Readers, Karen Clark Sheard veteran gospel music songstress, talks being more than a singer and reaching club culture with new album. Ms. Karen, who has been in the gospel music industry for over 40 years and is showing no signs of slowing down with her sixth album, Destined to Win, hope to be remembered for more than what she has done on stage. Source:


  1. I'm a big fan of Karen Clark & her sister's. But I'm not a fan of the direction of today's gospel music in general. Personally, I would be more appreciative of a really churchy album with a traditional sound to it from her. Those are the types of songs I enjoy listening to and would want to hear from her.

    1. Anonymous I thinks Karen is too old for this craziness. I believe, “reaching” them is a common mistake a lot of Christians are making today with some flavors of Gospel Music and Holy Hip Hop. Music does not draw people to Christ, the HOLY SPIRIT draws them. Jesus and his disciples never used music to reach anyone, they simply preached the True Word of God. “Gospel” is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So “Gospel Music” should be based on the aforementioned. What has happened to Gospel Music and Youth Ministries is that we are trying to sell the World a knockoff version of their secular music and lifestyle. People are listening to gospel music now that hadn’t previously because there is very little difference in the music (From R&B or some Rap). We are not to be “equally yoked”. Gospel artist today are looking for CD sales, Grammy’s, Christian American Idol shows, etc. Jesus is no longer in most of Gospel Music. I guess her next move will be she don't fit the idea of a bishop's wife.

    2. Her old self smh this what happens when you been over churched you 50 years old wanting to do club trap crap music.

  2. (This comment may be placed in the wrong post but if it seems inappropriately placed Ann can delete it.)

    I never did the "Club scene" and I am not a music expert. So I have a question.

    When people are in the club drinking, grinding & wearing next to nothing, when an Contemporary gospel song comes on, do people change their behavior while the song is on?

    "Stomp" is playing let me stop checking out that girls body.
    it's a Mary Mary song let's hold off on the grinding UNTIL THE NEXT SONG.

    I have never heard of a gospel music conversion at the club.

    "I was at the club at 2am drinking a forty, rubbing on a honey and was about to take her home, BUT THEN I heard Karen Clark Sheard's club song and dropped it all.

    Just curious anybody (Seriously) does that happen?

    1. Cop, your comment is in the right place. I don't get it, I always thought for some crazy reason that Jesus saves, not music. This new trend that's under foot and being pushed by a number of artists, claiming their music has the power to save souls is straight from the pit of hell.

    2. In many ways I feel that what Karen was trying to articulate is similar to Dewey's message cited above. I don't love all of the Christian and gospel music that is out now but who am I to always so harshly criticize what may have been done with an intention to glorify God. While Jesus saves we are called to use the gifts we received through no effort of our own to glorify Him and hopefully win souls for God's kingdom.
      More and more I wonder if our ocassional harshness presents a brash and hateful message to the very souls that could be won. Our Lord would have not any to be lost.
      Yes we must be in the world and not of it, in this way even our God glorifying songs of praise and worship can do much. True Christian praise and worship is powerful...even that that is not our preference.
      Just my perspective though....

    3. Anonymous I don't see the comparison at all in what Karen is saying as to what Dewey is saying. Nice try!❤️❤️

    4. I understand Me. We are allowed to have differing and varied perspectives and be ok with that. <3

  3. Ann, We would love to see your great articles on www.CollectiveFaith.com. Please join and share with our Christian Social Network.

  4. In other words, she made an R&B album.

  5. 'Reach them' is a self-aggrandizing way of saying 'I'll do anything for money and popularity'. Jesus said 'If IIIIII be lifted up IIIIII will draw all men to me'. Fake Christians need to stop thinking folk fall for their fakerations!

  6. I guess Karen don't want to be labeled a seasoned saints any longer. The old seasoned saints sang songs of praise and adoration to the LORD using scripture. I'm in my thirties and I still love those songs because you can feel the anointing of GOD. It's not just a feeling ,but an ushering in of the TRUE presence of the Holy Spirit.

  7. Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16


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