Fix It Jesus Joyce Meyers Is Now Taking Her Hustle To BET!

Readers, Joyce Meyer's done went and  joined up with the BET family. Personal,  I don't have anything in the world against Joyce Meyer the person. It's her teaching that I find fault.  Many years ago while channel-hopping, I stumbled across one of her TV broadcasts and … listened. I am a person who very much goes by FIRST impression and my first impression of her back then was anything b u t favorable and it still holds true today. She injects herself into her teaching in a way that I don't like.

 In this one particular broadcast, Joyce talked about her husband Dave's Mercedes, his golf outings at golf courses I KNOW and the green fees there. She kept rambling on about her manicurist, her hairdresser, her housekeeper, about her “love” for expen$ive Starbucks coffee, about her clothes, her airplane, and, last but not least, the white carpet throughout her house which, in an online research, showed up as a huge mansion, the likes of the folks who live in Beverly Hills.

I agree when folks say all the time it's absolutely necessary that we Christians use biblical discernment when supporting any preacher and/or teacher of the gospel (Jakes, Dollar, Osteen, etc...). It's irrelevant whether or not we like the person, think the person is a good speaker, or if the person says things that are uplifting. My goodness, someone OTHER THAN ME is on to Joyce Meyer hustle, PRAISE THE LORD! Thanks, Marjorie Tabb!


  1. As a vaguely interested party when I see Joyce Meyer on my screen I see ego … no, make that EGO! massive and very unattractive.

    1. Hi there Ann, I think Joyce Meyer is an amazing lady! I love her message and I have grown and matured beyond my wildest dreams because of her teaching.

    2. Joyce is no different than the rest of the gospel, money hustlers (some) on Christian networks ($$$)

      Good for her

  2. I can't help but hear "Love that Joker!" when I see her face smh

  3. I know!!! she has to sets of lips I don't know which set to trust. ...

  4. WHY? She never comments on ANYTHING related to black people, she is based out of St. Louis and was silent on Ferguson even silent on the shootings in Charleston. She said BBHMM


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