Congratulation Pastor Joel Pebbles: Big Win In Court Today!

Readers, according to Sir William McCray Pastor Joel Pebbles and his church have some celebration to do after going through their wilderness journey that began in 2012. They noticed that during this journey they have been under the glory cloud and the hand of God covered them daily. Now God has allowed the sun to shine through one more time for them with a big huge victory on today.


  1. Ms. Ann, God does answer prayers.


  2. Let's take a snapshot of a few of TD Jakes appointed/spiritual daughters(whatever that is) as pastors.

    Paula White
    Working on marriage number 3
    Church number 2
    And can't seem to find stability in ANY PART of her life.

    Juanita Bynum
    ATTENTION WHORE who I would question if she even knows what is the gospel of Christ.
    Who lies and deceives to get public attention and their money who is constantly REINVENTING herself to gain both.
    (And my favorite)
    with a dress and ceremony
    I seriously think she is mentally ill
    But I am not a doctor.

    And now we have
    Dr Jazz
    Although this was no fault of her own (other than accepting the position).
    This falls squarely on any and ALL LEADERSHIP that put her in place in a hurry.
    That should include TDJakes.

    Now, less than a year after having an installation service, and selling souvenirs to celebrate her taking over the church they are going to be packing their stuff as they retreat in shame.

    1. Cop,Dr Jazz was hired by the illegal board. She knew when she took the job that there were unresolved legal issues and that she would have to leave with her employers. She is no longer the Pastor there. We are sure she will be preaching somewhere else.

    2. Cop I'm cheering for Bishop Peebles! What happened was horribly awful! But on the other hand, I love me some Dr. Jazz.

  3. To God be all the glory! My home church in the beginning with Pastors James and Betty! Glad to know it's back with Pastor Joel! Praise God!

    1. Right on John 3:16.Yes God.. Thank you for the wonderful message you delivered to us at the Showplace Arena but we are going home. To God Be All The Glory

  4. This is a lesson I'm telling all Leaders Make sure you have Your By-laws in order.

  5. Vindication, Validation & Victory....enough said!!!!!!

  6. Jesus had a borrowed tomb...but hes crying over a building.....who cares!!!!go preach in the highways and byways. ..grow up people. ..he's a spoiled anointing.......

    1. Wooooh! I don't know the players but it does make one wonder about what the REAL priorities were/are. The lawyers on both sides must really be pleased with the outcome, I know that!

    2. Where is Jesus at in this mess?? I know the bible says christions aren't supposed to take each other to court. ..and Jesus says to pray for those that diligently use you. this really about winning souls or just winning?Gee! people grow up in the faith...."The young and the selfishness" (soap box)...

  7. Praise God... Now it's time for the unofficial board to repent or face jail time...


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