Church AnnounceMent: Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.'s Response to Anti-Gay Hypocrisy Video Clip!

Readers, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr, says he have no idea why his 4 minute sermon clip was posted and became viral without context or his approval. He states that he don't know, why those brief words have caused several "saints" to "hate" and even "wish death" upon him:

I will never understand why some would rather "condemn" without getting context. I do know why those with "causes", both positive and negative, used the clip for their "purposes". In spite of it all, I am comforted by the fact that God and those who have actually heard the entire message, know that my purpose was simple: Spread the message of Jesus with those who will listen and expect God to bring transformation to any life. Though I wish God had given me prior warning about the "firestorm" of the past five days, I am confident that Jesus' name has been heard by millions all over the world via my mouth. Although "Stephen has died, Saul has gone crazy and the Saints are scared and scattered," through it all it's still a "Blessing In Disguise."


  1. I'm about to post a video on this

  2. Thank you Pastor Smith I am very pleased with this ministers reasoning. it is quite biblical. The fight between christian vs gay has gone on for years. I wish that christians who identify as having a same sex orientation would say how they feel. Some agree with the bibles teaching on homosexuality and have lived celibate lives. Scripture says what it says and all donot have to believe, nevertheless it doesn’t allow for the putting down of anyone under any circumstances. If people would open their eyes and hearts they would realize that God is the savior and judge. We should preach the gospel and let people make their own choices whether they are straight or gay period.


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