Breaking News: Marriage Is Not A Christian Institution!

Readers, this well-written thought provoking article has angered some on social media as well as some in the Christian community. I understand perfectly well the message the author was trying to convey here.  Isn't it strange how people see things different than what is expressed? I agree that marriage was instituted by God and was the very first long before there was Christianity.

 But this idea that the church has taken a uniquely serious and intense interest in marriage through the ages, to the point where many believe now that marriage is solely a Christian institution. If marriage is a Christian institution only, why do Muslims get married? Why do Hindus get married? And Jews?

As Christians, we believe and accept what God has ordained but to claim marriage as a Christian institution is out of context. I wonder how much else of God's Word is misunderstood.


  1. Marriage is an institution created by God. "For this cause a mam shall leave his mother and his father, and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one." This passage, way back in the beginning , when God created the first man and woman. Any two people (whether they believe it or not) who aspire to this God created union and fundamental institution - Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, pagans, from anywhere on the planet, throughout any time in history - GOD HONORS them for honoring His design for marriage and family. It is not so much that marriage is a Christian institution, just so happen, Christians believe in the God who created marriage. Other religions do not. God does however, extends his grace to those who do not trust Him through His Son, but involve themselves in His design for His institution.

    There are Christians who struggle in their marriages because they do not follow God's ways as Christians should. Also, they are Christians who are obedient to the LORD and have godly unions, though not perfect. There are Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish, and pagan whose marriages may appear to be successful, (though never complete) as God's design for all marriages is that it should be Christian where the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the Church. The wife is to submit to her own husband in everything as unto the LORD, just like the Church is subject to Christ. The husband is to love his wife, wash her with the water of the word (quite sure non-christian marriages are void of this command), and treat her like his own body. There are many non-Christian marriages that have failed and are failing as well.

    Many can try to undermine Christianity by debating marriage as Christian all they want. The Bible is the WORD of God and God desires all marriages (Christian and non-Christian) to be Christian.

    1. Well the idea of marriage predates recorded history, and has been evolving ever since. Originally, marriages were contracts between the families of two partners, with the church and the state staying out of it. Mutual attraction, or love matches, in marriage wasn't important until about a century ago. Polygamy was also very common throughout history and in the bible. From Jacob, to Kings David and Solomon, Biblical men often had anywhere from two to thousands of wives. So you can see how marriage has changed throughout the years.

    2. Yes polygamy was common throughout history and in the Bible, but nowhere do we read in the Bible that God agreed with it. He started with ONE man and ONE woman and after they fell into sin their offspring chose their own ways. Men was separated from God and left to their own reasoning. When God brought judgement on the earth through the flood He chose Noah, his ONE wive, his sons and each their own ONE wive. For the second time God started His way and again men chose their own ways. In the new testament Paul said it again a deacon must be the husband of ONE wife. Still men are doing what THEY think is right in their own eyes.

    3. Amen...many would think that just because "great men of God" involved themselves with sinful lifestyles like polygamy, these things are okay in the sight of God. Solomon's demise was part his many foreign wives. Just because God allows polygamy doesn't means he condone it. Just because The Lord allows two men in the "ministry" to marry sincere as they may want to think they are, with the support of loved ones and the world, doesn't mean He condones gay marriages. God's fundamental rule for marriage has always been and always will be ONE MAN TO ONE WOMAN FOR LIFE. Try all they want, No one can progress upon that.


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