A Church Own The World Largest Privately-owned Aquarium?

Readers, the priorities of most churches today are definitely off. Below is a video of an aquarium at a church in Dallas, TX. It's located at the entrance to the sanctuary of the church. It was part of a $40 million project that, itself, was about $3 million. There're 3 full-time staff members, including a Marine Biologist, that maintains the aquarium.

This is the world’s largest privately-owned aquarium!   Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) in Dallas, TX. The 75,000-gallon 70 ft long, 18-ft-high saltwater aquarium contains more than 80 species of fish. 3 full-time marine biologists and 6 certified dietrists care for the tank, with at least 1 person being on site at all times. The 300+ fish in the tank are worth over 100,000 dollars. The aquarium alone cost $4,700,000 to design, build, & stock. (The church was actually built around the aquarium!)Your thoughts?


  1. 4 MILLION plus DOLLARS for an aquarium?!?!

    If they can spend 4 million for a fish tank, then NOBODY in that church should want for anything.
    (Food, clothing, toys, jobs NOTHING)

    And it doesn't take a Biblical scholar to know that a Christian church should be built AROUND Christ, not a pimped out fish tank.

    And they are going to spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the years just for maintaining the tank.

    Sorry Mr.s Jenkins, the church will have to ask for donations to help you. We can't dip into our FISH BUDGET to buy you food.

    1. Cop, you should read some of the comments from some of the members who are in support of this waste. http://beknownforsomething.com/largest-private-aquarium-in-a-church/

  2. The church just can't do anything. Can't build nothing, can't say nothing. Just can't do NOTHING. The church BUILDING can be built around WHATEVER!! It surely does not take away from the glory of God. If you visit this church you will understand the atmosphere that the tank sets for someone that has never visited. It draws them further into the sanctuary. They want to see/hear more. People have aquariums built in their homes, is that a waste? Or in shopping malls, is that a waste? Why can't the church building be a beautiful place to worship. Why do some think that it should resemble the old churches with wood benches and wasp nest in the ceilings. LOL There's nothing wrong with that either. It's what's been served in the sanctuary that matters, At this church, it's straight word, the word of God.


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