Y'all Mad: Pastor Creflo Dollar Will Get $70 Million Gulfstream Jet Says Church Board!

I'm cackling over here!  According to the church board, he desired it, he getting it!! I guess they showed the haters and Nay-sayers who's running the show at Word Changers Church International.

 According to the board of World Changers Church International, which was founded by Pastor Creflo Dollar, they've released a strongly worded statement that the organization will acquire the luxury multi-million dollar Gulf stream G650 jet. y'all mad or nah?


  1. Mad at him purchasing a 65 million dollar jet?
    I am sad that the poor and needy people in this church will be paying for a jet for a millionaire for years.


    Even if the church paid cash for the jet TODAY the G650 couldn't be delivered until 2018 because they're on back order. So they (meaning Creflo and family) wouldn't be flying in G650 any where for 3 years. What will they do put the ministry on hold?


    Oil changes and maintaining a luxury jet is a lot more then a trip to Jiffy Lube. $10,000 a month on top of the cost of the jet. BETTER NOT LET ATTENDANCE GO DOWN, got to pay for that jet.

    AND I will state it again.
    ONLY CREFLO and his family will be using that jet.
    And they'll be using it for things other than ministry (vacation, shopping, just to get away)

    1. Cop If the tithing members of his church is not concerned about this purchase, why are so many of you? Christians, spend your time making disciples and stop jumping on every bandwagon of distracting news. You all are the same people who yell "don't judge" and we are to "love" but in your next breath, you are ready to show the world how we fight one another. Why is this news? This has nothing what so ever to do with the global church. This is personal to Dr. Dollar and his ministry.

    2. Cop you and I both know Pastor Dollar is not the only pastor that has a private jet, there are many they just don't publicize it like he did and expect the public to pay for it. Whatever his motive is his board approved it. That's what I'm looking at. Me thinking if the board approved the request then a need must be present. I'm thinking also If folks in that community want to support a pastor lavish living then that is their right. No one forces them to be a member or write a check.

    3. Al Brown

      So if you saw that a pastor was abusing his church members by taking their money so he could live in the lap of luxury would you NOT voice your concerns to members of the church?

      WOULD YOU NOT warn others about his deceptive ways?

      I mention his "NEED" for a jet as an example of how NOT to led and run a church.

      And for the record, I am surely not in the DON'T JUDGE crowd. If you have seen ANY of my comments (particularly on pastors and churches) you'll know I have NO PROBLEM in judging pastors and churches behaviors and calling them out by name.

      Jesus and his disciples were very comfortable pointing out abusive behaviors and tactics committed my church leaders and staff.

  2. I'm in awe of his pimp game...Cop...let's start a church and get paid. I'm in South Florida. So u will automatically be an apostle if u start one there. We can't start u off with a Mabach or jet but it's soon coming! Lol!

    1. Sounds like a plan


    2. U too funny doc...good commentary tho...keep it poppin'

  3. Wait, I thought the sheik from the middle east was going to buy it ??? Ugh, something wrong with this story.

    The board has authorized the purchased huh ? I don't believe there ever was a middle eastern man in this deal.

  4. *sigh* The church members did not pay for the Jet. an Investor outside of the country paid for it. But since it's for church ministries the board has to vote on it. It's like most churches such as foursquare. The Pastor is in charge but he can't make decisions on his own. It gives one man too much power so the council has to vote. That's what happened here... And did you ever for a second think that maybe this is God who is making it happen showing that when you do exhibit enough faith when the world says you can't that he does deliver? Everyone said NOAH was crazy when he built the ark. But he did and God did come through.

    1. William,

      are seriously comparing Creflo's WANT (not need) for OTHER PEOPLE to pay for the most extravagant and expensive jet money can buy for a plane he doesn't need to NOAH and the ark???

      And the "MIDDLE EASTERN INVESTOR" (if anyone chooses to believe the story) that Creflo CLAIMS wrote a check for the plane. Creflo never said the amount of the check. It could have been for 65 million or 4 dollars.
      (I am leaning toward the 4 dollars considering the check was MAILED)

      Why would the board have to approve of SOMEONE ELSE buying Creflo a plane.

      I am just saying there are a lot of questions, and a lot of assumptions to believe that some
      Middle eastern MILLIONAIRE
      MAILED a check
      To buy another MILLIONAIRE
      A jet that can't be flown for another 3 years.

  5. William may I ask you how long have you bin drinking the cool aid? Crack is Wack! !!

  6. What an awesome GOD in Heaven we have!!! HE will watch after us as we walk after HIM. HE prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. HE will bring those that stand against HIS anointed to judgement and will reveal the folly of their ways. When the LORD acts who can stand against him No one can snatch the anointed of God away for God's hand is upon him.

  7. I'm happy he got what his faith believed for. It's between him and God.

  8. I am sure God gave it to him--You ask according to the Word and you will receive. That's how I received my healing for cancer!! You may say, but an airplane? God meets your needs, according to His riches in glory--- That's between Creflo and God, not you and me!

  9. All he talks about is money in his sermons...what happened to the CROSS And repentance....well the lucirfer took 1/3 of the angels with him so I guess folks are willing to go to hell with dollar....

  10. Jesus walked...

  11. William go back and read the article. The church is footing the bill for the plane.

  12. When the world do this they get exalted but when a man of God do it everyone has negative opinion. Whether you agree it not even King David knew not matter what Saul did to touch not God's anointed and do his prophet no harm. While you quoted scripture don't forget that one people. We all have spent money on something others thought could have been better spent. Be it $65 dollars or $65 million.

    1. Jewelz, all u have to do is vet his doctrine of Scripture. If there is a standard an absolute truth the truth(doctrin) the apostles said to defend. Crefalo Dollar is in error. Jesus was given an opportunity to have it all by the devil himself...He didn't drink the Kool-Aid. The temptation will always appeal to the flesh and it's always the same power,possesions(private planes in this case) and prestige. All I'm saying is somebody lying aint it's not Holy writ.


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