The People Bishop T.D.Jake Takes The Neutral Ground With Comment On Supreme Court Same Sex Decision!

Readers, according to social media during Sunday service at The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, founding senior pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes made remarks on the Supreme Court's decision overturning state bans on gay marriage.


Do you agree with Bishop TD Jakes, in being careful to answer the question wisely because he doesn't want his name to be caught up with this? I agree as children of God and followers of Christ, we must separate ourselves from worldly matters. In my opinion, this matter is major and will give many the excuse they need to sin against GOD.


  1. I agree with the Bishop. This is prophesy being fulfilled. The Scribes and Pharisees resisted Jesus Christ and was unaware of the times upon them. Let's not be unaware Saints of God!

    1. T.D Jakes come on man, your a preacher that is known around the world, and your not speaking against it beside, hiding behind the bush with your words?

  2. I agree 100% with the bishop. We don't have to take positions on a worldly system. We need to follow what scriptures says and start winning souls of those who suffer without a savior, Jesus.
    We don't have to be yelling and arguing with others about worldly issues. The church is not worldly, is heavenly and it will be against this system cause is against God.
    Don't be confuse and start doing what we were commanded to do: touch other people's life by your testimony, share the gospel, pray for the sick, raise up the the work Jesus commanded us to do.
    Don't use the word to start a debate, don't do that! It is written, don't debate, don't!

    1. I would call this a cowards response!

    2. I agree, the safe answer for the likely many LGBT church members and donors worldwide....

  3. Coming from a pastor's home I understand about being careful but sometimes it's necessary to call it like it is to stop further deception. It is what it is and to compromise the gospel to be politically correct and remain popular files TD Jakes under the file of false teachers/preachers/prophets.

    He of all people knows there's no grey areas with God but then again that wouldn't be the popular stand to take. Lol

    1- Compromise with the world brings disastrous consequences to God’s

    2- . Compromise with the world is a danger because of its subtlety.

  4. He's good at his deceptive behavi'or. ...He thinks he is God.....he is Lukewarm ..He is all cool and collect in his tailored made suite telling us o no harm is going to come to us it's not as bad as it seems...Eli told Samual now tell me what the Lord is saying and leave nothing out1Samuel 2:17

    1. Sorry about that...1Samuel 3:17

  5. Would Jesus pose for Ebony???? idolatry in the the first degree. ..people get over this man he does not speak for our Lord and Savior....he speaks with a smooth tongue and elegant words.deceiving many....

  6. I agree with what Jake is saying.

    But with Jake's you have to pay more attention to what he DOESN'T say.

    He DIDN'T address up front if he agreed with same sex marriage

    He DIDN'T use any scripture that would be in support for or against same sex marriage.
    (Although he did just blurt out Romans 1 with no real feeling that people should read it) (Romans 1 Address homosexual practices)

    He DIDN'T EVEN say the word "homosexuality" or "gay"

    The "PEOPLES" Bishop is doing exactly what he has always done.
    Pleasing the people to protect his bottom line.

    Talking loud & bold,
    While saying absolutely nothing.

    1. That is so TRUE!

    2. Great response Cop. You got it.

  7. So in other words Cop do as the say but not as they do??? Jakes calling is to deceive many....Jesus asked Peter a couple of times 'Peter do you love me? than feed my sheep!!! that was very important to Jesus. ..


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