Jesus Take The Wheel: Churches Introduce FACIAL RECOGNITION To Keep Track Of Members' Attendance??

Lord have mercy, should churches monitor attendance? There is new software available  that allow churches to know exactly who is and isn’t attending church and it can also be used to determine who is and isn’t dropping coins into the donation pot when it comes around.  Some church leaders are now turning to software called Churchix, a facial recognition system, to let them know who is and who isn’t in the pews. The systems already seeing use in 30 churches around the globe and more are expected. According to their website.


  1. This is Not godly. It's walking to the path of the beast ....

    1. People need to wake up. You don't have to attend a 'church' to be 'close' to whatever deity they choose. Organized religion is all about the money. Stop attending churches & tithing- give money to reputable charities that help people in your community, instead...

  2. Wow, the "modern business" church. What a turn off from attending a church.

  3. All I can do is laugh at this! Anyone dumb enough to attend such a place deserves whatever treatment they receive. Just because a building is labeled "church" doesn't really make it one. At this point I'm kind of in favor of the FEDS revitalizing the religious institution tax exemption laws, cause without the money train, half of these pastors would have no interest in being pastors or having a "church".

  4. When your church even CONSIDERS using this "RUN"

    1. Because any church that uses this to "TRACK" it's people, isn't concerned with the condition of the people.

      They just want seat filling tithers To keep the money flowing.
      And they'll use this system to police its members attendance & donations.

      This is the lazy church/pastors way to connect with the people.

      So when the pastor finds out that Mr.s Jane Doe hasn't attended church and Leroy Washington (just making up some good names here) hasn't given to the church in over a year, the pastor will make a call to find out what happened to them


      Had the pastor tried to connect with some of the people in they church he may have know Jane Doe was in the hospital for the last month, and Leroy recently became homeless.

      Being a leader of a church isn't about numbers (money or population)
      It's about spreading the Gospel and educating the people. Even if it's just a few people.


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