Jesus Take The Wheel: British Columbia Considers Removing Sex From Birth Certificates??

It's a... BLANK?! Canada is considering no announcement of "boy" or "girl" on birth certificates. Proof that our world is getting crazier by the day.  British Columbia Considers Removing Sex from Birth Certificates.


  1. So calling a child with a penis "a boy" and a girl with a vagina "a girl" is discriminatory!?!?

    This isn't about race, or sexual preference.

    This is Biology.
    Is your child a boy?
    Then lets test for medical problems related to that gender.

    Little Johnny won't need a gynecologist when he grows up.

    At some point Mary will need to know about her monthly cycle and WHY Johnny doesn't have have a cycle.

    And people and governments want to play with this notion, but when these babies become teenagers changing clothes in the same locker room as the opposite sex. Trust me, they will be labeling boys and girls and putting them in separate rooms.


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