If We Can't Be Black In Our Churches Then Where In The 'HELL' Can We Be Black???

Readers, Singer Solange voiced a shared sentiment within a good portion of the black community this week with the following tweet. What do you think about her comments?

“Where can we be safe? Where can we be free?”  “Where can we be black?”

For me, Solange comment says it all. And what really breaks my heart is when someone go and shoot up a white school or a white movie theater we as a country ALL pull together, but when someone shoots up a black church I have to read where white people are saying "they shouldn't go to all black church"...So they blame the victims for being black. Come on America we must do better and be better.


  1. The church and religion has NEVER been a safe haven for Blacks.....How'd you think they got some of them on the boat........AND some of them to see their slavery as god inspired? Through religion.

    1. I feel her heart. We are tired of being misunderstood, demonize, belittled, abused, mocked and afraid. We are a loving people, creative, talented, resilient and forgiving people that come from a legacy of greatness. Give us our respect and leave us to live in peace.

  2. Here is one problem that I see. Some black people have it in their head that all whites are racist. And some whites feel the same way about black people. It's wrong condemning a whole race of people because of the minority of racists as a whole. It is so wrong to hate someone because of the color of their skin. We all belong to one race.

  3. Bigotry has to be taught. If the cycle is broken, then we all can live together in peace. Children must be taught at an early age to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin to paraphrase Dr. King.

  4. I like and respect Solange and concur with her question "Where can we be black"?

  5. Her words, as a mother, as a young black woman - are poignant. We don't get to BE BLACK peacefully in this country... It is a sad hopelessness. Review what Jon Stewart said....If we don't stare into this hateful abyss instead of acting like the hate and racism don't exist - we will continue to have problems like this. And furthermore, the media needs to stop feeding the racism of some Americans by presenting news in a biased manner. The way we handle this incident of violence - this hateful act of terrorism - will determine our country's future. Because if it continues to be shown that we can't be safe in our own country, and no one cares enough to offer solutions, protection - humane respect - then it is truly a threat to national security as others who HATE OUR COUNTRY are recruiting heavily.


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