First Lady Patrice Ellis Is Reaching Out To Senior Pastor Wives,To Help Break Stereotypes That Can Be Crushing On A Pastor’s Wife!

Readers, the Bible does not address the involvement of the pastor's wife in any ministry in any kind of way. But, of course, many senior pastors wives are involved in ministry. They're some big old "Stereotypesthat most pastor’s wives face concerning her role in the church:

The pastor wife is supposed to always look nice, smile, sit down in the front row of the church, and agree with her husband. Her kids need to be model Christians. She needs to be ready to open her home to people in the church at any time and serve them. It’s good if she volunteers to play the piano, help in the children’s ministry, or teach women’s Bible study. It's good to see Sister Patrice Ellis addressing some of those stereotypes. " Smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside."  "Finding the me in me."



  1. The pampered, worshipped and idolized first lady struggle is real...1st world problems
    Pls....spare me.

  2. Well if Mr.s "FIRST LADY" we're to crack open a Bible "AND READ".

    She would know that there is no such thing as the title of FIRST LADY as a church office.

    That there isn't ANY mandate (in the Bible) that states the pastors wife HAS TO DO ANYTHING (outside of just being a wife) within the church that her husband leads.

    And that pastors wife doesn't have (or shouldn't have) any more pressure on her than any body else representing Christ.

    And by the way.
    Senior pastors "WIVES DIVISION"???

    1. That's what I'm! If you don't want to be stereotyped, don't be stereotypical! The family of the pastor are church members and if we're lucky, Christians. Not kings and queens!!! Get over yourselves. LMBO

    2. You get it Cop & V williams

  3. I don't see anything wrong with this. Many pastors' wives are young. Some of them are newlyweds. One woman wrote me an email a few weeks ago and said she was a “pastor's wife in training” as her fiancé just started seminary. Like me, she was struggling with fears and insecurities about the role she would assume once they were married and her husband started pastoring. Sometimes a pastor's wife with little experience in life, marriage, and ministry is thrust into leadership roles simply by association with her husband they need guidance.

    1. Thanks, Abraham's Daughter! I’ve only been a Pastor’s wife for a year. Lord knows it’s been so difficult. I truly have been thrown into the deep end. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to quit, to a point of wanting to die. I mean it. I am not exaggerating. everyone I turned to said to me PRAY, PRAY and PRAY. What also helped was the teachings I got from my husband, about understanding the office of the Pastor, the ministry of the Helper. I don’t profess to have arrived, but at least my relationship with God has dramatically improved, I no longer visit His throne, He is my habitation, as it ought to have been and that takes away my attention from so many things that would have otherwise disturbed me. the Ministry of the greater One who lives in me, I cannot even begin to appreciate His role. I have had to allow me, my flesh to completely die and allow the Holy Spirit in me to take dominion. Long story short ladies, I had to work on me, my relationship with God and intensify my prayer life. I thank God for leading me to the right people, and blogs where I could receive Godly Counsel. be blessed in His service.

  4. I wish someone could have helped me. I’ve been saved for 2 years now and almost immediately after receiving Jesus into my heart I met my now husband who is in ministry. learning to be a Christian is one thing but doing it in the public eye is another. one thing I find difficult is submitting and obeying my husband, specifically if what I'm being TOLD to do is out of my “comfort zone”. Please pray that I become what God wants me to be. I just want to make the Lord happy…

  5. I agree the pastor’s wife do need some kind of guidance, and I also agree that they can be hurt in a hundred ways—through attacks on her husband, her children, herself. Her pain is magnified by one great reality: She cannot fight back.She cannot give a certain member a piece of her mind for criticizing the pastor’s children, cannot straighten out the deacon who is making life miserable for her husband, cannot stand up to the finance committee who, once again, failed to approve a needed raise, or the building and grounds committee that postponed repair work on the pastorium. She has to take it in silence, most of the time.


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