Church Announcement: Fashion Designer Kierra Sheard Will Show Some Of Her New Fashion Line At Next Week's COGIC AIM Convention?!?!

Readers, according to social media, GRAMMY nominated Stellar Award-winning recording artist, TV star and clothing designer, Kierra Sheard, will have pieces from her new clothing line, Eleven60 at the 2015 COGIC AIM convention in Tampa Fl next week.  Facebook:


  1. She gets special privileges, her dad's a bishop.

  2. I can't believe the old church is allowing her to show her clothing line to the young Christian woman who look up to her.

  3. First, she was a mediocre singer, then an ok youth minister, and now she's a fashion designer?? Jack of many trades, and mast of none is very fitting here. Her family name has definitely awarded her opportunities that she doesn't necessarily deserve. That fashion line is straight up tacky!! No one with a real sense of fashion is going to buy that stuff so she has to peddle it to the church folk cause those are the only fools who are gonna support this mess. Kiki go have a seat!!

    1. I don't understand the angry tone in your statement about Kiki ! You say she is a "mediocre singer, so does that mean only "perfect singers should sing in public or Perform ? Then you state that, she is an "OK" Youth Minister.....! She is very young ! Greatness , Growth and Maturity, take time to develop ! You don't have to be "perfect" to serve ! Plus, as a Free American, who has access to "Resources", why in the world should she have to get " permission " from some unknown individual before she can develop her own Style of clothing as an Entrepreneur ? Her "Family Name" was granted by Father God who allowed her to be the fruit of her Parents Union. None of us on this Earth "Deserve" anything ! It`s by the Wonderful Grace of a Sovereign God that we have any comforts and Provisions , at all. " Free " people, have Free Mind-sets and are free to purchase legal goods at anytime as long as they are not harming others. Everyone`s choices are not the same !. Her Fashion Line is suited only for those who like that type of style. Are we all suppose to be clones, with no individual Tastes ? Are people reduced to "fools ", because the are free to purchase something YOU may not fine attractive? Come on now...these critical statements are ridiculous ! If she as a "Free American" has worked for her money, then she can do as she pleases without "getting permission" as if she is a "Slave"....needing an "OK" from massa ! Do you consider the thoughts your enemies have about you and your family before you spend money or make investments ? God is Love ! If God loves you and allows you to make mistakes/errors, and keep on movin and living........should not you and I be FREE, Grateful , Resourceful, Creative and live good mpral lives...answering to God only ?

    2. Chile bye you ain't said nothing....this is a hoe clothing line and you know it.

    3. No, she doesn't need mine or anyone else's permission. But she does need credibility. I don't expect perfection but I do expect respect for the craft. Has Kiki ever gone to fashion design school? Has she dedicated the time and understanding to the art of fashion design and all that is needed to make an attractive clothing line? Or is she trying to make a quick dollar off the back of her family's resources, like other worldly people do? All I see with Kiki is desperation to be great at something. Her search for a hit song has sent her music in so many different directions that her musical career may suffer, her ministering is nothing more than her doing what her parents expect her to do, and now this half-baked fashion line. Sorry, but who can really take this woman serious? Nobody but her fellow church folks who respect her family's contribution to the church, and they may even be secretly rolling their eyes.


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