Church Announcement: Dr. Keith Ablow Destroys Pastor Robert Jeffress On The Duggars!

Readers, in my opinion, the Megyn Kelly interviews and the probing of the Duggar family have really served a devastating blow to the family.  This family is in some serious trouble and it will only get worse as they dig themselves further into the hole with their cover up. But for me the outright hypocrisy of Pastor Jeffers, saying that "this is none of your business, the choices that these parents make"Now, I am willing to bet he is more than happy to get involved in social issues that are not any of his business. Makes me so furious, listening to the Christian right defend this family whilst at the same time being lightning quick to condemn anybody who doesn't fit with their religious ideals - sickening!

Conservative Pastor Robert Jeffress appeared on Hannity with Dr. Keith Ablow to discuss the Duggars, we got to witness a so-called “man of God” get skinned alive by a psychiatrist. During his show on Friday night, Sean Hannity played the part of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Jessa and Jill Duggar who were two of the victims Josh Duggar molested as a teenager.


  1. Tha.padtor looks and acts like he has some pedophilia tendencies. ...

  2. Ann go over to the Dr.Ablow Facebook page and read the attacks on him by conservative Christians. They’ve dropped him like a hot potato.

    The good Dr is now hated by the left and now the right. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    The Duggar's should be investigated by child protection agency.

    1. Candy Crush Saga I agree, Josh Duggar should be investigated. I personally think the Duggars are covering up--how do I know this--I was molested at 5 years old--didn't remember it until I was an adult---my molester is still running free and has never admitted it and they are hiding behind religion.

      The "I've been saved by God" routine doesn't work for me, just like it's not working for the Duggars. Any male that molests any child is A PEDOPHILE---Period and most pedophiles have that name attached to them for the rest of their lives and some are even prosecuted, 14 or 15 years old don't matter. Josh Duggar has gotten a pass because he is religious. He is the biggest HYPOCRIT in religion today. The AMA basically says that once a pedophile, always a pedophile. Get your head out of the book of fiction, hold your head up and look at what is going on in this world. You will see that there is NO war on religion in this country, except if your Muslim. Haven't you heard about the "christians" that want to burn down every Mosque in American---isn't that a real war on religious freedom?

      But it's okay for pastors to tell their members who to vote for and contribute to political campaigns but hold on to their tax exemptions. And let me ask you this----why is it ok for Josh Duggar to HIDE behind religion when it is not ok for others? Let me help you with this-----MONEY and INFLUENCE. Got to remember that Jim Bob was a Senator at the time. Think about it, I'm sure there are a lot of people in jail for being a pedophile---why hasn't god forgiven them and let them stay out of jail?

    2. If you feel the Duggars need to be investigated then by all means investigate him, but the Pastor was for the most part right. The Duggar were interviewed by the Police and from that point on it was the police responsibility to make sure the Duggar parents were doing everything correctly. And Josh duggar didn't hide behind religion. He his behind his right to have his report sealed. And acting like "The good Dr" being hated is some sort of victory remember, Jesus was hated by everyone as well. But as soon as the guy started questioning the fact that they had a lot of kids that have ZERO to do with the situation at hand I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing anything with him either....

    3. William I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Keith Ablow. He has said some things that makes my head spin. Having said that he is exactly (and surprisingly) right in his assessment of this particular situation. The "counselling" that Josh Duggar received doesn't pass the test. Sawing wood and hammering nails isn't exactly going to lead him away from the path of pedophilia. That bat- sh** crazy pastor has got to stop being booked on television! He and the Duggers are exactly what is wrong with this freaking country! And one final thought.

  3. This pastor embarrassed himself. He got in his feelings and made no valid or legitimate points here. Game over... The shrink wins.

  4. I have one single question that will put the entire Duggar side of the argument to rest: If a fifteen year old STRANGER had done these things to their daughters, would they be defending him now?

    I don't think they would. That is what hypocrisy looks like. You allow yours to do things that are patently wrong without repercussion and then you go after everyone else. You make exceptions for yours. They are above judgement because they are yours. Look at their very vocal stance on adult gays who are having sex with other adult gays. They have no "forgiveness" for that. They aren't crying on television for those people.

    But when their kid creates an actual PATTERN of molestation of little girls, it's all "bygones and move ons".The Devil is a lie!

    1. BAM!! I couldn't agree more! The Hypocrisy in this entire "episode of the Duggars" is absolutely breathtaking. To watch those vacuous parents explain this away as some innocuous long ago incident that "has been dealt with" makes me furious! And this business of it happening only five times it's complete bull***. He has without a doubt done this to dozens of girls within AND outside that family circus.


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