Bishop Clarence E.McClendon Birthday Request!!

Readers, Bishop Clarence McClendon want to personally invite all to his 50th Birthday Celebration Service THIS Sunday, June 7th at 10:30 AM at The Place of Grace.This year for his birthday the bishop is asking all of his partners, friends, and followers to sow a $1.00 seed for every year of his life; that's $50.00 toward the building project in Los Angeles. You can do this by going to, clicking the donate button, and specifying it is for the Rehoboth Project. I am excited about our Second Coming to Los Angeles and what will take place once we occupy YOUR PLACE OF GRACE!


  1. Going to be used as firewood in HELL. ..

  2. I'm no fan of his but at least he's not asking for the money for himself (like many others do).

  3. He's been trying to build a church for quite a few years now, after he left the building he had in Hollywood I believe it was.

    I do appreciate he's not asking for some astronomical amount from the constituents.

  4. He always on TBN soliciting. ..Stop giving these pimps a pass .....Even little red riding hood knew when something just ant rite. ....But pastor what big houses you have,but but pastor what nice Bentleys you drive(3),but but but pastor all them tailored made suits in your closet. ..and then the wolf.(pastor) replies. better keep your mouth shut my dear. ...the end! Jeremiah 23 is for the mature Christians


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