Are You A Member Of The "Tator" family? Do They Attend Your Church?

Readers, I'm cackling to myself while watching this. I Love this one..its tight but its right. You can't say Amen just say Ouch. Now, them tator's are something else. I know for a fact every church has a few of them. Here are the members of the Tator family:


  1. Just a fresh new gig...remind me of Brady who sold out to be part of Jake's clan..trying to preach with black soul spirit like Paula White. thank you...

  2. Replies
    1. Come on Call To contend why you gonna take a pass?

  3. The way I have to share this on fb! I know many people who fit this bill. Might even reblog it x

  4. I kinda like that. yeah, sure she's a paula white starter kit, but it sounded like truth. Not much word to back it up but I could decipher it.


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