America's Past Horrific Acts Of Sin Didn't Bring The Wrath Of God But The SCOTUS Landmark Decision Will????

Readers, I have been saying that last week. Your thoughts, please? The above meme is going around social media:
 "If God did not destroy America because of its genocide of Native Americans, enslaving of African Americans, and Jim Crow, why is the culture now godless & on a path for destruction because of changes in the definition of marriage and Obamacare?" 

In my opinion, Franklin Graham's and others on the right, insistence of America's impending doom in light of the SCOTUS landmark decision, is a blatant disregard for the experiences of people of color. The incident in Charleston has exposed once again America's chief problem and most pressing evil: racism and injustice for people of color.

 However almost no word from conservative evangelicals except Russell Moore. Perhaps the message of the meme should be interpreted as bringing to light the awesome and extending mercies of God. Because if God has not judged or destroyed America for the aforementioned sins, which are surely the most damnable and damaging of our sins, then prayerfully He will allow spare us in this hour as well.

 Thoughts on this argument?


  1. I do not accept Franklin Graham as one who speaks with a prophetic voice, nor does he speak with moral authority. For my dollar the man is bankrupt. I give no regard to his pronouncements.

    1. Agreed. He's a certified and proven nut job.

    2. Question... Where does Mr Graham stand on Alllllll the other sexual sin?! What about the thousands of rapes and molestations that go unreported in churches every week?!?! The rampant divorces and affairs of clergy members?!?! Why doesn't he talk about that?!

  2. As Christians we know that these things would happen. It's just another milestone on the agenda of the antichrist. Obama's mission is accomplished, now the rest of the world has to follow. At Gods time He will judge not only America, but this whole world, because of its wickedness. Genocide, slavery, homosexuality are evil spirits which have been on earth since the fall of men and they will be here until the end. They just appear in different forms and adjust to the context of the times.

    Its time for us Christians to pick up our Bibles and ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to understand the Word of God. We tend to forget that there is a spiritual world and that its war. Marriage is more a spiritual than a physical union. Although two men or two women can marry physically, have the wedding and rings and so on, in the spiritual world it's impossible. Nature also rejects it, men are givers and women are receivers they complement each other and produce new life. Two givers and two receivers can not complement each other, nor can they produce new life. It brings forth death and the God of Israel is a God of life in abundance.

    Homosexuality is just as much a sin as fornication, adultery, etc, but because its unnatural it seems to offend people more.

    1. How it's Obama's mission accomplished when the two supreme court judges who ruled in favor of the law being passed was Bush appointees?


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