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Great News: Tasha Cobb "One Place Live" Sophomore Project.

Readers, Tasha Cobbs has revealed the release date of her sophomore project, “One Place Live”. Set to hit stores and digital outlets on August 21, 2015, “One Place Live” features her current singles, “Jesus Saves” and “Fill Me Up”. The LP will serve as a follow-up to Cobbs’ charting topping “Grace”, which had the hit single "Break Every Chain".


The People Bishop T.D.Jake Takes The Neutral Ground With Comment On Supreme Court Same Sex Decision!

Readers, according to social media during Sunday service at The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, founding senior pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes made remarks on the Supreme Court's decision overturning state bans on gay marriage.

Do you agree with Bishop TD Jakes, in being careful to answer the question wisely because he doesn't want his name to be caught up with this? I agree as children of God and followers of Christ, we must separate ourselves from worldly matters. In my opinion, this matter is major and will give many the excuse they need to sin against GOD.

PAW'S Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Eight Thousand Dollar Donation.

The honorable Bishop Charles H. Ellis III the Senior Pastor of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan presents an $8,000 donation to the family of Rev. Clementa Pinckney, slain pastor of Emanuel A.M.E. in Charleston (SC). Facebook:

Lord Have Mercy Newly Appointed COGIC Bishop Patrick Wooden Calls Out The President On Same-sex Marriage!?!

“Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening"? Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus, no spring yields both salt water and fresh”. James 3:11-12 How do you praise the Supreme Court for what God called an abomination in the morning and do a Eulogy in the evening?

Church Announcement: At Least 5 Black Churches Have Been Destroyed By Fire In The Past Week!

Readers, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center reports. One week after the Charleston shooting, at least 5 black churches have caught fire, three because of arson.

America's Past Horrific Acts Of Sin Didn't Bring The Wrath Of God But The SCOTUS Landmark Decision Will????

Readers, I have been saying that last week. Your thoughts, please? The above meme is going around social media:
 "If God did not destroy America because of its genocide of Native Americans, enslaving of African Americans, and Jim Crow, why is the culture now godless & on a path for destruction because of changes in the definition of marriage and Obamacare?" 
In my opinion, Franklin Graham's and others on the right, insistence of America's impending doom in light of the SCOTUS landmark decision, is a blatant disregard for the experiences of people of color. The incident in Charleston has exposed once again America's chief problem and most pressing evil: racism and injustice for people of color.

 However almost no word from conservative evangelicals except Russell Moore. Perhaps the message of the meme should be interpreted as bringing to light the awesome and extending mercies of God. Because if God has not judged or destroyed America for the aforementioned s…

Church Announcement: Fashion Designer Kierra Sheard Will Show Some Of Her New Fashion Line At Next Week's COGIC AIM Convention?!?!

Readers, according to social media, GRAMMY nominated Stellar Award-winning recording artist, TV star and clothing designer, Kierra Sheard, will have pieces from her new clothing line, Eleven60 at the 2015 COGIC AIM convention in Tampa Fl next week.  Facebook:

Lord Have Mercy Six Folks Ejected From Lakewood Church By Police And Security?!?!

Readers, what in the hell is wrong with folks? Why go to a church to cause trouble? Stay home. I don't agree with a lot of pastors/preachers/teachers but that's why I'm not a member of their church. How you gonna get up on Sunday morning, go to church just to raise hell? Don't make sense.  According to social media, six people were escorted out of Lakewood Church in southwest Houston Sunday morning for heckling senior pastor Joel Osteen. A video on Twitter shows the people being escorted out of the former sports arena amid cheers. Osteen is seen at the pulpit saying, "Thank you all for your patience and we'll just continue to receive what God has for us. It's a good day to be alive." Get out of here! Just crazy!

Fix It Jesus:Prophetess Taketa Williams Come For Pastor Donnie McClurkin??

Readers, apparently Donnie McClurkin predict fire and brimstone to come down from the heavens with the gay marriage ruling. And of course since speaking his personal truth and opinion all hell have since broke loose for him. 

Church Announcement: The Episcopal Church Elected First African-American Bishop!

The Episcopal Church elected its first African-American presiding bishop, choosing Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina during the denomination's national assembly Saturday. He will now lead a nearly 1.9 million-member denomination known for its history as the faith home of many of the U.S. presidents.

Why Does Kierra Sheard Have A Cross On Her Logo If Her Clothing Line Is Not A Christian Clothing Line??

Readers, this is what happens when we straddle the fence, we get called out. Folks are going in hard on new fashion designer Kierra Sheard and her models for showing to much cleavage.  We cannot have it both ways. We cannot dine at the world’s table and the Lord’s as well.

When it comes to our spiritual relationship with God, compromise is not good. Too often we compromise our faith by giving into the world’s temptations. Kierra is being accused of dropping the standards of a Christian lady to accommodate slack tasteless minds who want to advertise everything on the street and in churches just for likes and quick undeserving attention. Some of her pieces are brilliant, I'm give her that but this look is a bit "unsupported" compared to the rest. It's exactly the kind of look everybody in the world is doing.

Bottom line Sex sells!  Everyone keep saying this is not a christian clothing line! If not then why does Kierra have a cross on her logo then? Let me guess, y…

Church Announcement: Prophet Brian Carn Will Bring The Word At All 3 Services Sunday At Empowerment Temple!

Readers, if any of y'all are in the Baltimore area and looking for a place to worship Sunday, come worship with  Empowerment Temple and  Prophet Carn Sunday, June 28th at all three services.. It's going to be epic‬ ... Spread The Word!!!

Prayer Warriors Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh Need You!

Readers, Gospel singer Earnest Pugh took to social media early today, to solicit  prayers for two of his singers that were hit by a drunk driver that crossed the medium and injured them after their ministry trip last night. The car is totaled but thanks be to GOD they are alive. Continue to pray that God guides the hands of the doctors as they are both hospitalized. Faithful is our GOD!

Praying Strength For Rev. Daryl Coley And His Family!

Readers, according to social media Rev. Daryl Coley is not doing good, the family is seeking prayers.  Daryl Coley is one of the giants of contemporary gospel music.
Just got a call from a member of the family. Our friend, Rev. Daryl Coley is back in ICU in Oakland. His body is shutting down. His kids are on the way in to see him. Keep the family in prayer. Daryl taught me a lesson a looong time ago about servanthood that I will never forget. Plus he was always asking about the kids. Always a gentleman.

Ohio Pastor Rides Bulls Inside His Church To Attract New Believers!

Readers, this is so many shades of wrong, I do not know where to begin. Let's just say that this is totally contrary to all that Scripture stands for.

Fix It Jesus: Gambia President Powerful Message To Homosexuals In His Country!

Readers, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh—a dictator who came to power in a 1994 coup—is not a friend of the gays.  In the past, Jammeh has called gays “vermin” that “we will fight,” described homosexuality as “evil, antihuman as well as anti-Allah,” and threatened to “cut off the head” of gays in Gambia. Last November, he signed a law that would impose a life sentence on anyone who has gay sex.

His police force has been known to arrest Gambians suspected to be gay and threaten them with rape and torture. It is no surprise, then, that Jammeh escalated his anti-gay rhetoric in a recent speech, making a vicious threat against every gay person who has dared to remain in Gambia.

Congratulation Minister Cora Jakes Coleman!

Readers, Bishop Jakes baby girl Cora Jakes Coleman is an official minister. Ms. Jakes-Coleman  posted the following to her social media: 

I experienced one of the most life changing things of my life this week...God shifted me into a new level and I became an official minister...I went through the two-year program starting with strangers and ended with family...I was anxious very nervous and I am never really good at testing so to have studied myself full and feel so confident after taking my ministry exam was a feeling I never had before...I allowed God to order my steps...I am not Minister Cora (Jakes) COLEMAN....I am humbled, excited, grateful and honored all at once...this was an amazing journey!! Congratulations to all those who were blessed, ordained, and certified!! Love you all!!

Did Bristol Know She Was Pregnant When She Was Calling Miley Cyrus Out For Having Low Moral Standards?

Readers, we got to be more careful in how we throw those stones. According to reports the daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has a habit of calling folks out. Well, the hypocrisy shoe is fitting comfortable on her foot today.  Ms. Palin is being called out for being an unwed mother and for shaming (Miley Cyrus ) others for holding a standard that she refuses to keep for herself.  Plus she made close to $1 million pushing abstinence-only policies and is pregnant with child No. 2 according to GOOGLE. I'm wondering  since Bristol is now pregnant (again, and she's not saying who the father is) will she have to give the money back, she collected as an "Abstinence Ambassador"?

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage To Be Law Of The Land Nationwide In Historic Ruling!

In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court has just handed down one of the most consequential civil rights decisions in its history. Source:

Jesus Take The Wheel: Churches Introduce FACIAL RECOGNITION To Keep Track Of Members' Attendance??

Lord have mercy, should churches monitor attendance? There is new software available  that allow churches to know exactly who is and isn’t attending church and it can also be used to determine who is and isn’t dropping coins into the donation pot when it comes around.  Some church leaders are now turning to software called Churchix, a facial recognition system, to let them know who is and who isn’t in the pews. The systems already seeing use in 30 churches around the globe and more are expected. According to their website.

First Lady Patrice Ellis Is Reaching Out To Senior Pastor Wives,To Help Break Stereotypes That Can Be Crushing On A Pastor’s Wife!

Readers, the Bible does not address the involvement of the pastor's wife in any ministry in any kind of way. But, of course, many senior pastors wives are involved in ministry. They're some big old "Stereotypes" that most pastor’s wives face concerning her role in the church:

The pastor wife is supposed to always look nice, smile, sit down in the front row of the church, and agree with her husband. Her kids need to be model Christians. She needs to be ready to open her home to people in the church at any time and serve them. It’s good if she volunteers to play the piano, help in the children’s ministry, or teach women’s Bible study. It's good to see Sister Patrice Ellis addressing some of those stereotypes. " Smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside.""Finding the me in me."


Earvin Magic Johnson Praise Bishop Charles E. Blake!

Lord have mercy, church folks can be a mess. Earvin Magic Johnson posted to his social media Monday the following tweet:
Thank you to my Pastor @BishopCEBlake for blessing me and my staff today by coming by and having lunch with us! I will never forget this day."Yeah, I bet if you were a regular ole working person you wouldn't get that."
"You're a good tithe payer perhaps."

Congratulations To Pastor Shirley Caesar For Being Among The Hollywood Walk Of Fame's Honorees For 2016!

Congratulation Pastor Shirley Caesar!

A new group of entertainment professionals in Motion Pictures, Television, Live Theatre, Radio and Recording have been selected to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was announced Monday, June 22, 2015, by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Doggone Shame: Pastor Rev.Clementa Pinckney's Body Will Lie In State At South Carolina State House Today While The Confederate Flag Flies Above.

What an absolute disgrace this nation is for leaving that flag up in the wake of the Pastors death. The good thing is, it exposes those very devils that insist that flag represents "their" southern heritage. A bunch of  sore losers.

Church Announcement: President Obama Is Set To Deliver The Eulogy At Funeral For Late Emanuel AME Church Pastor!

Readers, according to "GOOGLE" President Barack Obama will deliver the eulogy Friday at the Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s funeral, a White House official said. First lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden also will travel to Charleston to attend the services for the fallen Democrat, who also served as a state senator, the official confirmed Monday.

Min. Louis Farrakhan And Leaders Mobilizing For 20th Anniversary Of Million Man March!

Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, have been appointed as National Co-Executive Directors, for upcoming Million Man March.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will join with leaders from across the nation to officially announce plans on Wednesday for the Millions for Justice convening to demand justice and equality for all in America. Source:

Gospel Singer Turned Fashion Designer Kierra Sheard!

Readers, according to EEWMagazine, Gospel singer turned fashion designer Kierra Sheard officially launched her this past weekend, revealing select pieces from her plus-size clothing line, Eleven60. The new brand caters to fashion-forward, full-figured women, who also have, ahem, fuller purses.

The NEW Kirk Franklin Of The Gospel: Travis Malloy!

Lord have mercy readers, I don't have a clue as to why relative newcomer, Travis Malloy, is being dub the next Kirk Franklin. According to some, Young Travis Malloy is quickly making a mark, and his presence felt on the gospel music scene, and many are calling him the new Kirk Franklin. Malloy  took the popular track from Aaliyah's "One In a Million" and "Gospel'd" it up, directing his abundant love towards a higher power.

YouTube comment: This is not glorifying God. It's a worldly song that just added Jesus name to it. That doesn't make it a praise and worship song. Don't be deceived by the enemy's devices.

Prophet Brian Carn Has Issued A Clarion Call!


Another Pastor Takes The Walk Of Shame!

Readers, Dr Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian Tchividjian has resigned from his pulpit at Coral Ridge Presbyterian, a high-profile church in south Florida, after admitting he had an affair. He released the following statement to The Washington Post, saying it was on behalf of him and his wife:

Emanuel AME Church Opens Doors for Sunday Worship!

Readers, if Dylann Roof's goal was to halt worship at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., it did not work. The church announced plans to hold service Sunday after police say Roof shot and killed nine people, including the beloved pastor, at the historically Black church last week in an effort to start a race war, according to CNN. Source:

Church Announcement: The Black Church Friends & Family Day!

Readers, have you ever introduce or invited those people closest to you who don't have a church home to a place that means something to you? Have you ever invited your next-door neighbor to come to church with you? I don’t know what you call it–Family and Friends Day was what we called it back in the church of my youth. Many churches today have bought into the idea of advertising as the best way to bring in new members, but I whole heartedly disagree. According to sources, 47% of people walk through the church-house door for the first time is because of an invitation and not because of advertising.

Tearing Down The Graven Images, "The Confederate Flag"!

Readers, the Confederate Flag is a hot button issue today. What do you think of when you see the confederate flag? What message do you think it is sending? Racism? Slavery? Hatred? White supremacy? or something  worse? Bishop Eric Freeman posted a wonderful essay to his Facebook page   that a lot of Christians agree with:

 In ALL honesty, each of the nine victims carried the same horror of every African-American concerning the deadly connotations of the confederate flag. And this killer, standing under its banner, brought to bear the fruit of the graven image so many calls "heritage". To suggest that an African-American speaking to the terror of this graven image is somehow a rebel rouser (pun intended), borders on abusive! Let's unify under the banner of Christ. Let's tear down the graven images. Let's grieve honestly.

Let's repent as a nation. Let's watch as well as pray. And everywhere we SEE the graven images of bigotry, hatred, and racism let us cry…

If We Can't Be Black In Our Churches Then Where In The 'HELL' Can We Be Black???

Readers, Singer Solange voiced a shared sentiment within a good portion of the black community this week with the following tweet. What do you think about her comments?

“Where can we be safe? Where can we be free?”  “Where can we be black?”
For me, Solange comment says it all. And what really breaks my heart is when someone go and shoot up a white school or a white movie theater we as a country ALL pull together, but when someone shoots up a black church I have to read where white people are saying "they shouldn't go to all black church"...So they blame the victims for being black. Come on America we must do better and be better.

Church Announcement: Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World, Inc Centennial Convention!

Check out the lineup for the 100th annual convention of the oldest apostolic organization in the world....which is coming to Detroit Michigan this summer.

Woman Who Claims She Owns The Sun Sues Ebay After She Was Banned From Selling Sun's Plots On The Site.

A Spanish court is set to hear the most unusual arguments ever after a woman who claims to own the sun sued eBay for blocking her extraterrestrial real estate sales. Though it sounds a little nuts, a court in Madrid has ruled that 54-year-old Maria Duran has the right to have her case heard. Maria Duran has been claiming ownership of part of the star since 2010 when she threatened to bill solar power users.

Woman who claims she owns the Sun sues Ebay after she was banned from selling Sun's plots on the site.

Hallmark Has Begun Making ‎FathersDay‬ Cards For Mothers. Let Me Know What You Think?

Hallmark has begun making dad's day greetings for moms. Should single moms get Father's Day cards? Take our poll

What’s The Draw For MegaFest?

Lord have mercy what draws people to events of this kind? This year Megafest lineup in Dallas is huge. The nation's largest multi-day family festival and MegaFest is living up to the saying, "everything is bigger in Texas."The countdown to one of the largest family festivals has begun! MegaFest tickets went on sale the first of June and is moving fast. 

Forget The Church Usher Board It's Time For The Local Church To Hire Trained "ARMED" Security Guards???

I never ever thought the day would come when I would be advocating, erecting metal detectors at all church entrances along with trained armed security guards in the church house. I have changed my mind about the church taking up arms to protect itself from the evils of this world. After what just happen in Charleston SC and the suspected gunman later arrested after being captured by police. I believe that God expects us to be prepared and to protect ourselves from the evils of this world.

Prophet Dies After Being Buried Alive and Not Resurrecting As Plan!

Fix it Jesus, when digging your own grave goes wrong.  A power hungry prophet dies after being buried alive, now a family of 5 have been charged with the death. Zimbabwe prophet was buried alive back in July of 2012, per his own instruction as part of a “healing ceremony” intended to summon cleansing powers to help heal the family from the plague of mysterious deaths:

Family Members Charged After Prophet “Accidentally Dies” While Being Buried Alive At His Request

According to the witness, I say stupid prophet! I do not see how these people can be charged for the murder when it's clear that this so-called prophet was insisting on them to cover him in the sand?They just followed instructions as they were desperate themselves.  It is good he died himself rather than causing someone to die because of his stupidity.

Prophetess Belinda Scott Upset Over The Cancellation Of The Reality Show 'Preach'!

Prophetess Belinda Scott took to her Facebook page to let off steam over the possible cancellation of her Lifetime show 'PREACH.'

"You all have to understand this type of pain and attackers are coming from people I know and have known, if they had a problem with it, why not come to me or inbox me or call me, write me a letter. Why sign petitions and say these women are not prophetic or ministry minded, but ask me to preach at my church??"Facebook: 

Thank You Jesus: 'Preach' The Reality Series Is Headed For The Chopping Block After Lifetime Received Petition From Christian Groups?

According to Cocoa Fab, “Preach” Lifetime’s latest reality series is allegedly going to get cancelled after a petition from several religious organizations.

BREAKING: Charleston Police Say 9 Have Been Killed In Shooting At Historic Black Church!

Pastor Senator Clementa Pinckney confirmed among shooting victims in Charleston. Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, according to Nine people were killed in the shooting, which happened around 9 p.m. at 110 Calhoun, the church address, the Post and Courier and The Associated Press reported.
"White guy walks into Black church..He's filled with hatred and kills 9 people.. As Rosa Clemente noted.. "This is Denmark's Vessey's church, one of the oldest churches in the country, this is an act of domestic terrorism" ....Meanwhile a curfew for night time protesting still looms in Oakland, The DA in Cleveland refuses to follow a judge's suggestion and charge the police who killed 12 year Tamir Rice and folks are still defending a deceptive weave wearing white woman, talking about how she's contributing to our cause.. Let that sink in." Davey D Cook!