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When "THE CELEBRITY PASTOR" Build A Church Folks Will Come!

Folks are congratulating the Campbell's on their church number growth. We all know there are two kinds of growth (spiritual/numbers) with only one of them having any lasting meaning.   It was only a few months ago, when Pastor Warren Campbell and First Lady Erica Campbell opened the doors of their new church, California Worship Center.

 After only their first service, they were forced to add a second service to their morning worship experience. Now this week, the couple has announced that they have a new location. Starting this week, 11am services for the California Worship Center will be held at James Madison Middle School, 13000 Hart Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605. Source:


  1. The Beyonce and Jay Z of the christian community.

  2. Replies
    1. Ha Ha, now that's more like it. The 1st lady of Trap Gospel.

  3. Emotion driven and, quite frankly, biblical ignorant people are what I believe is the main cause of this phenomenon. Entertainers are sought over biblical exegeses. "Touch my heart" is over riding "Feed my soul." "Make me feel good" has replaced "Bring me to repentance." It is a sad state of affairs to say the least.

      Some ministers may need to ask God "Am I called to PASTOR or Divinely assigned to shepherd an area under another pastor?" Imagine the Kingdom if struggling churches, pastors and leaders collaborated and found their TRUE alignment with their GOD-GIVEN assignment (minus selfish ambition.) Know that God will only be responsible for "growing & sustaining what HE planted!" And nowadays we have PASTORS "planting" little churches JUST so they can be called "Bishop or Apostle."

  4. More money more money. I don't believe they were called.

    1. I would hope that those who say they are called to the pulpit are really called...I believe that some people use the same venue they used when they were gospel music performers to draw that same crowd... if you sing and make a great name for yourself in gospel music people will want to be a part of your church...that is a given.

      Because of the popularity and to say I 'm a member of a gospel celebrities church which makes them feel like they're connected to some star celebrity greatness. People join these popular churches so they can hear these celebrities sing for free or just by giving a minimal love offering for a free concert.. or just the pastor knowing others who are renowned singers will always invite a crowd... which then a will be a offering raised and split 50/50...but concerning the latter part of the statement is what the gospel artist banks on to have a continual flow of cash just in case his music ministry goes belly up.....Leandria Johnson who Is a great singer ..who achieved her recognition and stardom from Sunday's best..has done exactly that .....one minute shes singing for her supper next having a baby out of wedlock.. within months after that scandal and her quick marriage she went from gospel singer to pastor overnight...

  5. This is what happens when all people care about is money and fame.

  6. Is she Barack Obama's wife? I see they are calling her 1st lady. Must be some new FALSE title they giving the pastor's wife.

    The only 1st lady in the USA is the Presidents wife. Church folk come up with so much crap to be important. I would never address a pastor's wife by such a phony title, she's Mrs. so and so NOT 1st lady. Period.

  7. Get the heck out of here, 1st lady???

  8. I'm sure it's part of the story line they needed for the reality show. Geesh.......o bet the other Mary will be close behind in opening a church too.........leaving this conversation to Google "trap gospel"...what in the world is that?????


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