What's Driving The Latest Attack Against Pastor Creflo Dollar????

Folks on social media are hollering for another investigation into Pastor Creflo Dollar World Changer Church. Creflo Dollar lives a life typically reserved for billionaires and celebrities. He and his wife own a mansion in Fayette County, a $2.1 million home near New York City and a luxury condominium in Buckhead. However, unlike most who enjoy lives of luxury, Dollar earned his fortune off religion, which has earned him his share of critics.

I'm thinking most of his wealth is from books, tapes, CD and DVDS. No different than Tony Robbins, Stephen King or Joel Osteen. If  folks don't want to give that's their choice but his donors and pew sitters are aware and happy to give to him. I personally think his lifestyle is too lavish but I am not interested in him being investigated. But I do agree with the  following Facebook comment:
 This report is nothing but OLD NEWS. There have been dozens of articles written about Dollar and his ministry that all say the same thing and reflect a singular truth -- Creflo Dollar Ministries - World Changers Ministries is a business, Dollar is CEO, and there's NOTHING legally anyone can do to stop him. For him to stop what he's doing, it will take sickness, death, or a tax crime. Aside from that, just save your breath.


  1. I read the article I wonder why is the world worried about church business?......world, If you're not a believer or part of this church then who cares what you think....Please mind your business.

    1. Because the church has a lot of political influence on the world and a lot of "churches" or religious people in general, want to persecute others for some of the same things that they're secretly doing.

  2. Bottom line, churches should be taxed just as any other 'business' in the nation is taxed. I bet you'll see all types of worship buildings folding, because the game has been to get over on the government, as well as the people.

    1. Exactly! There needs to be a real system of accountability established.

  3. People too busy concentrating on what the pastor has or has not got and less on the Word!!! Also many rich pastors have rich congregations or many many different endeavours at hand. Plus I am sure Pastors who write books also pay their tithes too.


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