The Negative Effects Of Pre-martial Sex and Baby Mama Drama Is One Of The Biggest Obstacle Facing Today's Young Christian?!!?

Lord have mercy I think the below  Facebook post was entirely and completely misunderstood, the key part is doing things Gods way. People love sin and they don't want it pointed out. The comments are telling!


Having baby mama/daddy drama? We rush into sex without even getting to know the person and most times a child is the product of the unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship. Many women tend to think that having a baby will make him love her or a guarantee that he will stay. A baby is an indication that sex has taken place not an indication that love was ever there because if he loves you he will commit to you and marry you! God created sex so He made it for us to enjoy it but ONLY in the confinements of a committed marriage. He knew the negative effects of pre-martial sex and baby mama drama is one the biggest ones! Doing things God's way and staying pure until marriage will help avoid so much unnecessary drama and give your child a chance to be raised in a healthy home raised by their mother and father!So if you won't make her a wife, don't make her a mother!

Readers do you agree?


  1. I agree but I think the bigger issue is immaturity. Marriage doesn't guarantee a better life for child but mature, responsible parenting does. So my take on the issue is this; use birth control!! Live life, get educated, gain some experience, meet someone you can trust and then have kids. Pre-marital sex is a personal choice that many of us have been guilty of..but if you chose to have it then be responsible about it and don't bring any innocent children into this world until you're an independent, stable, mature adult.


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