Shame On Chicago "Ruth's Chris" Restaurant For Treating Pastor Marvin Sapp And Entourage Like Dirt.

To whom it make concern shame on you for the way Pastor Marvin Sapp was treated at your restaurant yesterday in Chicago.  According to Pastor Marvin Sapp's Facebook page he and his entourage was treated like a pile of sh*t at a "Ruth Chris" restaurant in Chicago.

Facebook:  This evening in the city of Chicago as a guest of this city, (Chicago GospelFest) I have been never so offended in my life. At "Ruth Chris" a restaurant that I have eaten in across this country on many occasions, turned 6 members of my party and I away because of our attire. Stating they only serve individuals dressed in business casual attire. After looking through the restaurant, many had on ripped jeans, sneakers, t-shirt etc. We had on the same as many sitting and or waiting to be seated however we were asked to leave. Even after asking for a private room, explaining that we were from out of town and so on we were still turned away.... So I decided to post the card of the individual who made the decision not to serve us.

The action of Ruth Chris is unacceptable!


  1. There's always more than just one side to a story.

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but asking for a private room when you see others waiting to be seated is all too telling for me. I've worked in the restaurant business, so I know how patrons can be, especially when it comes to seating and adherence to propriety rules.

    Like I said, I don't have a dog in this fight, but still...

    1. Mike from my understanding is Pastor Sapp asked for the private dinner room after they were denied seating.

    2. Ann, if you were denied REGULAR seating due to your alleged attire, asking for PRIVATE seating after the fact is worse.

      Sounds like someone felt entitled...

  2. Being I'm from Chicago, I CAN believe this! Illinois in general is a very racist place to live. If you journey throughout the various communities, it's very easy to know where The different races reside. Not only is it a racism problem here but also a class separation. I hate my city had to show their true colors and for whatever nonsense reason not allow you and your friends to enjoy a night out in peace.

  3. I have been a patron of Ruth Chris for over 15 years in Chicago and I am black and a christian. You are not allowed in the restaurant without the proper attire, i.e gym shoes, ripped t-shirts, jogging pants and I agree with Ruth Chris on that, when i’m going out to eat at what is a higher quality restaurant downtown you should at least present yourself with casual attire, not like you’re going to eat at MacArthur’s or any other regular restaurant, and I can guarantee there was no one in the restaurant with torn clothing, sorry but that’s a lie, just because a person is in the gospel genre doesn’t mean they’re tongue won’t tell a lie, it happens so often. I love Ruth Chris and will continue to go there properly dressed in casual attire.

  4. Part of me feels the "everyone else was doing it" excuse is something that we outgrow by about 3rd grade. My folks told me the way you present yourself is the way you will be treated and that jeans, t-shirts, gym shoes are never acceptable when going out to eat....if you want to dress down, order room service in your hotel suite or go to McDonalds. Having said that though...this does appear to be a case of selective enforcement and is not uncommon, I remember Artis Gilmore being turned away from a Rush Street establishment for lack of dress code, even though he was 7'4".

    Saw another site where Sapp took a picture of the business card of the manager as well as the Corporate information of Ruth's Chris. I wonder why he didn't take a pix of his crew and how they were attired?

    Also got some info from some who were there and it seemed like the problem was with Sapp rolling into the joint like he was Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America" had about 30 groupies with him and expected to be seated immediately without a reservation. They caused a ruckus at the front door and it did not look good for the steakhouse.

    I have been to this restaurant several times, as well as the one in D.C. and recently in New York City and have always had a positive experience - - in fact my very large party of 8 (all black) for the graduation I recently attended in New York was treated like kings, the guest of honor given a complimentary cake and 10% taken off the bill (of over $1,000) as a graduation "gift" to the now I am tending to call bullsh+t on Sapp on this one.

    1. I share your sentiments, Jeff Janulis. Like I stated before, Sapp may have felt entitled.

      It's always good to get at least two sides of a story before making rush judgments. A little research goes a long way.

  5. I will say this as a man of God he should of take a different approach instead of putting that person name on blast. I'm pretty sure if you give others the same grace God give you believe me people will go above and beyond for you. Humility is a big thing. The way his post sound like they owe him that, it's their restaurant they can serve who ever they want.


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