Lord Have Mercy: Should The Church Be Held Accountable??

Is the church potentially liable here? I can't help but wonder if this is just the start of a tidal wave of abuse allegations to come. I thought any time a person has cause to believe that some kind of abuse to a child has occurred, this information must be reported to local or state law enforcement authorities. The report must be made immediately.

According to internet rumors, TLC’s ’19 Kids And Counting’ star Josh Duggar molested 5 girls in the church and the pastors knew  about it. It's also alleged that  his alleged victims were on the property of his family’s longtime church and church elders knew about the disgusting crimes.


  1. He should star in 19 years and counting.

  2. This is absolutely devastating and I think the worst part is that Jim bob and Michelle Duggar covered it up, they should have turned him into the authorities as soon as he was caught the first time around, instead there were 5 victims and who knows how many times he got away with it or how many more victims that might be to embarrassed or scared to come out and say they were abused by him. In my opinion All three of them should be facing charges! Even if he is sorry and God forgives him, he should be held accountable for his actions and there should be consequences!

  3. The fact people keeps saying he was "14" and "made a mistake". It was NOT a "mistake", they were acts of molestation and against the law. Destroying the innocence of any human is not something that ever goes away and even if forgiven, is life-damaging FOREVER. This is not a youthful indiscretion dismissed as bad manners. This is a problem in the character requiring therapy and permanent removal from interaction between the molester and any other child, period. Folks need to quit throwing Bible verses around, platitudes will not gloss over the violence and destruction of innocence. This goes way beyond "bad decisions" and "mistakes". His A*s needs to be in jail.


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