Hell To The Nawl: Pastor Tony Evans Didn't Say Black Families Made A Lot More Progress As Slaves????

Lord have mercy the internet has come for Pastor Tony Evans over a posted video clip in which he made the following comment:
“In slavery...our families were a lot stronger. We were a lot moreunified and we made a lot more progress. We’re going through regression right now and a lot of that is because of decision-making we are responsible for.”
Facebook comment:

How cohesive could Black families have been during slavery given the fact that slave owners routinely sold family members, including children, apart from each other? Black people are NOT responsible for the mass imprisonment of Black males for decades for nonviolent offenses that help to take the males out of the homes - while heroine users are being treated as addicts and NOT as criminals in many cities. Users of other drugs should be treated as addicts and not as criminals, too.

 Black people are NOT responsible for being charged higher prices for major purchases like cars and homes. Black people are NOT responsible for being racially profiled. Black people are NOT responsible for getting killed while being unarmed. Black people are NOT responsible for being charged an extra fee for dining in a restaurant while other groups weren't - yes, that happened in 2015. Black people are NOT responsible for often not getting return calls from politicians and prospective employers, etc. Black people are NOT responsible for being shown fewer homes than other groups of people when house hunting. The list goes on into the areas of education, healthcare disparities, voter registration laws, the drawing up of voting districts, etc. Tony Evans should do some research before speaking about an entire race of people.

Update: Pastor Tony Evans Clarifies Statement About Stronger African-American Families During Slavery. Thanks Dr. Evans for setting the record straight.


  1. Tony statements are mostly half-truths and as many preachers do they connect all answers to religion. There is so much more to the problems being discussed that do involve other powers-that-be and he desires to lay both cause and effect at the feet of life's victims...no, a thousand times no.

  2. Have you watched the whole video?


    1. Ann this was front page on the right wing Charsma and the Christian Post a few days ago. And of course he was praised for his good negro status.

    2. No way during slavery?!! I think not. I'd say the bond and togetherness amongst blacks was stronger. But progress! No, I disagree. Now, if he had said blacks were more progressive during segregation I'd more believe that. I think integration was the downfall of blacks here in the USA.

    3. Anonymous yes I've seen the clip and do believe Pastor Evans comment and statement is being taken out of context.

  3. Racist Sarah Palin approve of this message.

  4. He should have said...even under the harsh conditions of slavery and Jim Crow sinful wicked white supremacist eras that you white evangelicals need to repent of, the black family was more intact then it is today in the post-civil right period...this is TRUE in the poor black-American urban context, however. He needs to be more specific and more careful with what he is saying.

  5. hes a pastor...he's be taught what to say...he doesn't know better...whites love black men like him,,,no need to fear him...


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