Fix It Jesus: Lifetime Orders Documentaries About Female Prophetesses!

Lord have mercy what a way to make fun of the Gospel.....but according to the good book we ARE in the end times.....and that same good book DOES say in the end false prophets will rise...and I take that to mean any and every one that makes light of Gods word.

Lifetime has created a internet buzz with its new woman-preacher-focused documentary which follows four Ohio "Prophetesses" as they tend to their respective flocks, healing wounds both physical and psychic. More interesting, however, are the proteges chosen by each of the preachers: Some are lost souls who've found new life in their church, another a regular woman struggling with the same career-life balance her non-evangelical counterparts do. One is a Muslim woman who converted to Christianity, which ought to make for some good televised learning experiences.The Prophetesses and protégés featured are:

 Belinda Scott (Cleveland Heights, Ohio) - Belinda considers herself a Major Prophetess who has given council to politicians and celebrities across the country. She has the ability to predict child birth and specializes in blessing the wombs of barren women. Belinda's protégé, Hadassah Elder, grew up Muslim and has never seen a woman in the pulpit so adjusting to new life as a Christian protégé will have its challenges. 
Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio) - Taketa has been called the "Beyonce of the Preaching World" and touts a global following. She trains her protégé with a strict hand and isn't afraid to drop someone if they don't come up to her standards. Her protégé, Rebecca Hairston, is a single mother with three children.  

Linda Roark (Trenton, Ohio) - Linda's specialty is delivering people from the street and bringing them to God. Known as the "Blue-Eyed Soul Sister," she has been told that she "looks white but she preaches black," and is admired in African-American churches for her ability to roar and get the room standing on their feet. Linda's protégé, Angel Pound, had a rough start in life. A former drug addict who has now turned her life around, she is still haunted by a past that threatens her chances of becoming a Prophetess.
 Kelly Crews (Cleveland, Ohio) - Kelly is Belinda's former protégé who is now building a ministry of her own. The only single Prophetess in the group, she has trouble finding a man who can handle her gift. Kelly's protégé, Stacey Williams, is newly married and pregnant and struggles with making her prophetic training a priority.   


  1. This is some straight TRASH T.V.

    Anytime I see anyone with the title of "PROPHET" I get suspicious. Prophet is more of a description, than a title.

    And these women's claim to fame are not godly lives and Biblical knowledge. ITS. . . . .

    Predicting Child birth and blessing the womb???
    (Is she a prenatal prophet?)

    Known as the "BEYONCÉ" of the preaching world?
    (That's NOT a complement)

    Blued soul sister that PREACHES BLACK?
    (What is PREACHING BLACK, and why is that an attribute to be admired?)

    The last woman has trouble finding a man that can HANDLE HER GIFT?
    (First, why do we did to know about her dating life. Second, why does a woman's "GIFT" need to be "Handled" by a man in order to have a relationship with a man?)

    Hopefully it will get canceled before the first show airs. Because these are nothing more than more clowns for the circus.

    1. On a side note COP this show is not really a surprise......when you consider the idea of TRAP GOSPEL getting the approval from the Christian community. My opinion Lifetime has truly gone a bit too far. I'm about to add them to my no watch list too. Along with Oxygen, VH1, BRAVO and BET. These networks just have no boundaries any more. No integrity and no grace, that's just shameful. This is a BIG mess.

    2. Cop:

      Great assessment!!!!

      Prenatal prophet!! Hilarious!!!!!! Funnnnneeeee!

  2. The church has been doing this for years, but now that TV cameras are in the picture, and it's being shown to the masses, all of a sudden, people are having a problem with it? Are church folks now embarrassed by their traditions?

  3. Ms. Ann what is this mess? Honestly I'm tired of seeing all these fake Christian reality TV shows!!!! Folks need to hear the GOSPEL!!! It's not about YOU it's about JESUS!!!

  4. If people didn't allow trash to go on in their churches, it wouldn't be popular enough for TV. The church can pat their own back for this one smh.


  5. This show will be classified as a low budget slapstick comedy. This show (from watching the trailers) is nothing but a bunch of foolery! I think they meant to say profit instead of prophet. A mockery!!!!!!

  6. The black church has allowed itself to become a joke a bunch of jesters who sell themselves for profit and fame.

    When I encounter people the start to profess what a Christian they are and so on and so on I run the other way.
    I truly believe this is why these Islamic terrorists have gained a foot hold in the USA because the church is sooooooo busy on tv and looking for fame, glamour and a few cents to benefit no one but themselves instead of being on the alter.

  7. These women who are the proteges to these prophetesses need to sit under Godly teaching and council before launching into this type of ministry. In reading the blurbs, they need to get themselves together and then try to be a protege. They should also pray to see if this is the spiritual gift the Holy Spirit has given them. This show has the potential of ruining the Christian walk of these women. I wished that the producer spent time reading I Corinthians 14, which deals with prophecy and tongues.

  8. I just came across a comment regarding this show 'Preach'. Very insightful.

    "This type of entertainment is addictive and will cause the saints of God to become distracted and lose focus of the truth no longer realizing that they themselves have gone astray. Don't buy into this madness, what does it profit your walk with Christ. Nothing. Beware saints your salvation is not worth the entertainment."

    Seriously, the world will not pay attention to a show like this. Most people watching will be saints who are curious or want to be entertained .. or the fans who follow these people. The enemy would like to distract the saints by giving our attention to this mess. So easy for me to get sucked in and become distracted and lose focus upon the Lord Jesus Christ. This Scripture came to my remembrance. A warning to me that I'm going to reap what I sow ... including my time and attention. Selah.

    Galatians 6:7-8 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.
    For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.


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