Fix It Jesus: The Charlie Charlie Challenge Is Going Viral?!?!?!?

Readers, did you know that a person can welcome an evil spirit into their soul without even knowing it? THE latest craze to take over Twitter has participants trying to summon a Mexican demon called Charlie using an Ouija-board-style ritual then posting videos of their experiences online.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is going viral and many are recording pencils moving when calling upon "Charlie".  CharlieCharlieChallenge requires positioning two pencils on top of one another to form a cross on a piece of paper. The words “Yes” and “No” are written on each of the quadrants formed by the pencils on the page. Rest Here! Somethings are best left alone.


  1. Talk about stupid! It isn’t so much any one specific ritual practiced by ignorant kids that worries me. It’s that, by doing stupid stuff like this, they are essentially opening themselves up to demonic torment,indicating by such foolish games that they are agreeable to possession. I know that there will people who ridicule this opinion, but can you prove it wrong? Given the potential consequences, the smarter thing to do would be to fly below the radar and never attract that kind of attention. This is dealing with forces well beyond a mature, educated person’s ability (and don’t say an educated person wouldn’t believe in such things. See also, “prove it wrong.”) Why take a chance? Where did the common sense go? I know that, as a nation, we’re less religious than we used to be. Is that how it’s going to work? People abandon the protection of spiritual faith, and stuff like this starts to happen? Kids learning to summon demons on their phones? I’m no longer surprised to hear that America will be the shortest-lived Great Society in the history of the world.

  2. This is actually happening as both of my teen daughters have told me it's happening in their classroom as well as my husband that is a middle school teacher in another district says it's happening in his school too.

    1. Bessie this saddens my heart. Some 28 years ago kids were doing this in my school, an angel send by God kept me away from it, though at that moment I had no idea what they were doing ... I just knew I had to pray and God stepped in to stop them.

  3. I heard about this just recently. These social media challenges in general are the most idiotic things ever, from lighting yourself on fire to jumping on moving vehicles, then stomping on the flag and now THIS. It is indeed "diabolical disorientation sweeping the world" as Sister Lucia of Fatima warned about in her published letters, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!


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