COGIC Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle Issue A Pastoral Statement on Police Violence Against Black Men!

The death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore is yet another tragic loss in a series of apparent criminal acts perpetrated by certain law enforcement officers against African American men. The Church of God in Christ offers our sincere condolences to the Gray family and to the many families throughout the nation devastated by the loss of loved ones under similar circumstances. The swift indictment of the six police officers responsible for the death of Freddie Gray is the correct message: that no one is above the law and that the lives of young African American men have value. We are prayerful that the Gray family will ultimately receive the justice that was denied to the families of so many young men who lost their lives at the hands of the police.

Statement Here!


  1. Very well stated Bishop Blake!

  2. Bishop Blake thank you for the public statement!

  3. Bishop Blake you rock,I will continue to pray for law enforcement, the judicial system and our country.

  4. I like this!! Thanks Bishop Blake for giving voice to the racial outrage that has plagued our nation far too long. The time for this nation keeping their eyes wide shut is over! It's time for task force and watch dogs to be put in place to insure 0 tolerance. God is not please with the evil that man does.


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