Church Announcement: Empowerment Temple Has A Unique Guest Today!

Iyanla Vanzant: God's gonna fix my life!


  1. Very leary of a pastor who wud put herbin front of his assigned flock.

  2. Amen V Williams.

    So the "Christian pastor" allowed a
    to talk in his church members and guest?

    If your pastor lets just anybody (unsaved, different faiths or Yoruba princesses) speak on Sunday's,
    pack your Bible
    Step out of the pews
    And walk to the exit with your finger in the air.

  3. Well, why don't you stay home from work tomorrow, keep your kids home from school, barber shop, market, don't go to the bank, park movies, etc. We interact with people of all faiths on a daily basis.

    God forbid people in the church have a new and independent thought. If your paycheck came for a company that was owned by atheists I guarantee you'd show up each and every day regardless of what their faith (or no faith) was.

    1. Anonymous there is a difference between interacting with people of different faiths (or no faith) in our daily lives and having someone of a different faith PREACHING AND TEACHING on Sunday from the pulpit.

      Christ talked and walked with the saved and unsaved.
      He touched and comforted people that were considered the worse of the worse.
      BUT, he didn't ask those that didn't believe to teach his flock.

      To have a unbeliever led service to people that DO believe is irresponsible on the leaders part.

      How do you invite people to church to learn about Jesus death on the cross for our sins and the person speaking DOESNT PROFESS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR?

      Again, this is Jamal Bryant at his best. It doesn't concern him that he invited someone that doesn't profess Christ as the risen savior. He just knows Iyanla is on TV and can attract a big crowd.

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  5. I agree with everyone comment, Ms Iyanla maybe excellent in her field of work.....But it's a problem when she's in the PULPIT of a Christian church and she does not go to God in the Name of Jesus. We as believers can not be deceived. She said from the pulpit she was a new age Minister of the God of the Universe. Not one time did she say JESUS NAME (not even when she prayed) or in her sermon. The ONLY WAY TO GOD IS THROUGH JESUS! IT'S SCARY WHEN THE CHURCH ALLOWS THIS TO TAKE PLACE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD! Lord take the scales off the eyes of your people.


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