Why The Saints Are Salty At Christian Artist Lecrae Moore, For Posing In A Harmless Picture With Rev Al Sharpton While Wearing Church Clothes?

Lord have mercy some saints are downright evil.  Case in point, 2015 Billboard Music Awards finalists Lecrae Moore has earned for himself yesterday more than two nominations alone with some nasty, hateful and mean comments from some of his fans and followers.

 Rev. Al posted the above pic to his Facebook page with the following comment:  At President Obama's Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House with Christian artist, Lecrae Moore.

Then, Lecrae posted the above pic to his Facebook page and folks wanted to know: How we come to church in shorts and Jordan's and tattoos showing but we come to the White House in suits, is the president a more honorable person than YHWH, do the president deserve more respect or is God not worthy of such honor. We have really screwed up the words "come as you are"!


  1. They're salty because they don't understand... Jesus would have been right there with him. As he was with sinners his entire ministry. Just because you take a picture with someone doesn't mean you agree with everything they do..

  2. I don't think the Lord Jesus would have joined them. There were always two kind of sinners, the prideful and the humble ones who were fully aware of their sinfulness. It was the last group that followed Jesus, but the first group was frequently rebuked by Him. Free Masons are full of pride.

  3. You people better open your eyes. Jesus would have nothing to do with this. Lecrae gives more respect to the world than Christ because he doesn't truly BELIEVE AND CONFESS in Christ. He only uses Christ's name. Lucre is an enemy of the cross...it's plain to see if you're not already a fan of his music....


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