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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why Does The Visible Mega Church Think That It Needs Hollywood Movies To Draw People To Jesus Christ?

Over 100 million people watched The Bible miniseries in 2013! On this coming Easter Sunday 2015, the epic story continues with A.D. The Series continues.

The million dollar question that's being asked by many, is why do so-called anointed pastors feel they need to use sermons designed by Christian mystics who dramatize a very different Jesus and a different gospel?
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  1. For Jakes, Warren, & Osteen this is a low risk investment, and church is big business.

    You just allow your name to be linked to a project as a SPIRITUAL ADVISER (which is a joke on its on).

    Then hype up the movie event with
    The official A.D. Church kit ($29.95)

    Encourage ALL MEMBERS of the church to host a viewing party, with a viewing party kit ($8.99)

    Order the official study guide book ($7.99)

    Buy a banner to advertise the event. I am going big with the 3x3 size banner ($89.99).

    And don't forget to order your post cards with the A.D. Logo (5 thousand cards for $495. What a bargain)

    They also want free advertisement from churches, as they ask them to

    "Build excitement" by showing the trailer IN CHURCH.

    Create an event on the church Facebook page.

    Encourage churches to create door hangers for people to attend the viewing party or church series featuring A.D.

    It looks like outreach WITHOUT THE BIBLE.

    A.D. Outreach?

  2. The only outreach I see is they reaching into vulnerable Christian pockets taking their monies and putting it into their own... Jakes made millions of dollars alone of women thou are loose... Not to mention the millions Warren made off purpose driven life... Na d Olsteen never said God called him to pastor, that was something his mother asked him to do...

  3. I think there's room to reach out to the lost and even provide entertainment via movies funded by Christians and their churches... The church has always managed to stay relevant in culture and by that, had to find ways to change. As long as the foundation is still Jesus Christ, I say go for it.


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