The Costly Business of Discrimination: Christian Couple Faces $135,000 Fine!

A Christian couple in Oregon says they will be bankrupted by a judge’s decision Friday to fine them $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for lesbians. Aaron and Melissa Klein ran a small bakery called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” for seven years in Gresham, Oregon, but had to shut down their store in 2013 after Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman filed a civil rights complaint against them. Administrative judge Alan McCullough ruled Friday that the funds will go to Cryer and Bowman for “emotional, mental, and physical suffering.”

Personal, I find it hard for anyone to support the actions of this bakery couple. I don't understand the concept of refusing to serve someone based on their lifestyle. Did they ask all their customers about their lifestyle before doing business with them?  Apparently not, because if they did they wouldn't be able to serve anyone.

GoFundMe Shuts Down Fundraiser for Christian Bakers, Claims Money Was for ‘Illegal Purpose


  1. Ms Ann, do you feel that this couple was wrong for standing up for their convictions?

    1. Mike in my opinion this is legalize discrimination under the guise of religious freedom and it is wrong. People trying to defend this position have often resorted to trying to muddy the waters about what is and what is not discrimination. Not providing service because of someone’s race or religion or sexual orientation is discrimination.

    2. I don't agree it's discrimination... Every time believers in God stand on the principles of the Bible, were labeled as being discrimative...
      The judge violated their right of religious beliefs... Why didn't they sue Chick-fe-la... They advertised that they are against homosexuality and lesbianism...

    3. Anonymous according to the laws of the land it's discrimination. If you run a business you can not deny services because you don't like someone lifestyle.

  2. I don't get it, they couldn't have gone to another bakery? Emotional, mental and physical suffering, because somebody doesn't want to bake your wedding cake? If this couple made their decision based on their obedience and love for the Lord, they can be sure He will come trough for them.

  3. You simply cannot refuse to serve folks because you don't like their lifestyle. And why do they only do this to gays?! Why not ALL sinners?? Oh...but then they would go out of business. These folks are really picking and choosing which sins to condemn. Jesus ate with sinners and talked with them....He did not banish them from His presence.

    1. Jesus also ministered to them to change their ways... Everybody He encountered, He told, "Go and sin no more"... Jesus didn't condone sin... Nor was He a partaker in others sins...

    2. As a true disciple of Christ, I never condone sin. Tell me where in my statement you saw that I condone sin? I am simply saying....whether or not they eat that cake, they will STILL be gay! I don't condone hypocrisy! NOR did Jesus. Refusing service to gays never converted a gay to being straight. It is the gospel that saves, not being mean and nasty and choosy about which sins to attack. Furthermore, slavery and Jim Crow were justified in the same did that work out for blacks? IF people are going to refuse service to gays...let it be for ALL sins then: liars, whore-mongers, hypocrites, thieves, etc...also, Proverbs 6 has a whole list of 7 things that are an abomination to God. Have you ever lied Anonymous? It's on the list...twice. Y'all need not be so quick to beat the gays down cause many straights will be in hell right beside them!


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