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Monday, April 6, 2015

Should A Pastor Wife Stand With Her Husband Through Anything, Even When It's Sexual Abuse?

Pastor Douglas, 59 and Erica Goodman, 58, are popular for their 'Walking the love walk' teaching series for couples in relationships, and the couple made the news this weekend as they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in style. Pastors Douglas and Erica Goodman are the presiding ministers at the V2V - Victory to Victory- Church London.

 However, things haven't always been victorious for the couple. Their former church was shut down for mismanagement of funds, and the husband later went to prison for sexually assaulting young women in the church. 10 years later, the couple have overcome their issues and celebrated their 40th Anniversary with a renewal of vows to the jubilation of all those who have been praying for them and supporting them.

Pastors Renew Vows On 40th Wedding Anniversary, After Husband's Sexual Assault Prison Time.
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  1. Ms. Ann you know you got another blog site feeding their site off your blog? Just letting you know!

    1. OMG, Bessie you are so right. I know exactly who you are posting about. They have being doing this for a while now. Take for instance this very post, if you google the heading of this post you can see Ms. Ann blog was the first one to mention this story. But they don't/wont even give the credit to this blog. They are worst than nasty joy105.


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