Question Of The Day: Is Joyce Meyer Being Unfairly Judged By Some In The Christian Community?

There's a debate raging on social media surrounding the teaching of Bible Teacher Joyce Meyer.  Many people have testified to having been greatly blessed by Joyce's ministry and her teaching...which has according to them helped bring them through to a place of emotional stability. Those same folks are claiming to have seen a change and growth in the way she teaches today compared to yesterday, and find it frustrating when they see articles like this one regarding her. The teachings they always reference are those same clips from the 90s.

 Currently, today I am not a fan of Joyce Meyer's teaching, I don't know what it was that caused me to stop listening and supporting her but I have.  There were a time in the early 80's and late 90's that I purchased almost every book she penned,and was a big supporter of her ministry. As of today I'm no longer a supporter of here. Therefore, since I don't follow her teaching I don't know what it is that she teaches that has caused people to put her under a microscope.

 I would hope that just as we grow and learn in Christ, that we would not be judged by past errors. Granted I'm sure there are problems, but I haven't heard anything recent. I would love a fair assessment from something recently that is causing the red flag?


  1. She has been teaching these things for a number of years. In this day we do absolutely need to be a Berean. Beth Moore is another one where I question some of her teachings as well.

  2. I have listened to her once in a while. Never used to see the error until I started looking for it. Great article.

  3. The thing with popular teachers like Joyce Meyer is that it is so difficult to discern the leaven in their teaching. Even if you know your Bible, they can mislead you. We really need to study our Bible and stay vigilant and sober. The Lord warns us: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Matthew 7:15. This means that with our natural eyes and own understanding we will not be able to recognize them. Only if we have a close relationship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit can open our spiritual eyes.

    But still some things are obvious. Who gives "their" ministry (it's entrusted to you by the grace of God) their own name? Other red flags for me are: teaching primarily based on me, myself and I, your favor, blessing, breakthrough, season etc. Also if they are very rich, have a mega audience, make money on the name of the Lord (books, DVDs, CD's, conferences, etc.), become larger than life and have their name and picture on everything. Another thing is that they teach with such an authority as if they have the whole truth. A teacher should be very humble, very aware that only God has all wisdom.

    As for JM, any woman whose husband lives in her shadow is aclear sign that something is (spiritually) wrong there.

  4. If what she says aligns with the word I don't have a problem for the most part. But I have never heard her preach on the Great and dreadful day of the Lord. Or anything on consequences of not following the Lord. I have never heard her say if you continue to live in sinful ways you are headed for Hell. The warm and loving parts of the Bible is okay but if you aren't preaching the entire Gospel... You're not preaching the gospel.

  5. Bible lighters, Meyers, Olsteen - Let God deal with it I know better I do better - That's what God put in my heart and mind. I am not relying on them too to give me all that I require in Bible teachings, uh uh, no way. I pray for everybody else and let God guide them.


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