President Obama Calls Out Fake Christians Who Don’t ‘Love Thy Neighbor’!

In the video clip below, President Obama breaks from his prepared speech to share his “concerns” at the deluge of “less than loving” expressions coming from Christians.

“On Easter, I reflect that as a Christian, I am supposed to love!”

 At the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House, President Obama was considering the message of love that Jesus preached, and he must have been considering the discriminatory laws being passed and the hate being voiced by so-called Christians across the country. But he realized he had strayed into uncomfortable territory and jovially quips “…but that’s a topic for another day!”

Obama Calls Out Fake Christians Who Don’t ‘Love Thy Neighbor’


  1. Obama needs to learn that most Christians are not fooled by him. We have the right to criticize him. He really would not have cared for John the Baptist or any if the biblical prophets. They would have "torn him a new one"....


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