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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lord Have Mercy Michael Eric Dyson Comes For Cornel West!

Just when the mainstream academy and public intellectual space has tossed Cornel West aside as useless, evangelicals are inviting him to more and more conferences. Then along comes Michael Eric Dyson  with this blistering essay on Cornel West's rise and fall. Some folks are happy that Dyson had the bravery to  called out Cornel West and to hold him accountable for his irrational hatred of Barack Obama.  The Ghost Of Cornel West. 
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  1. I am looking foward to reading the essay!

  2. This was so personal. I'm still speechless.

  3. Ann shots were definitely fired. I'm waiting on West's response. Do you think Dyson needs to get Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton next since he's making his rounds? I would say yes!

  4. This makes me wonder if there was a recent incident between Dyson and West.... This takedown was correct but I'm not sure why it was needed at this point and time....And why did it take so many words... My goodness he really had some time on his hands.


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