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Friday, April 17, 2015

Jesus Take The Wheel: A Petition To Oust Bad Boy Pastor Mark Driscoll From The Upcoming Hillsong Conference?

Lord have mercy Christians  are trying to oust Mark Driscoll from appearing at a Hillsong conference in July.   In my humble opinion,  Hillsong should be 100% free to invite whomever they want to their conferences. It’s still a free world with free press.  I have read many articles and blogs and websites that have called Mark Driscoll and his controlling and manipulative style of  ministry out in the past. But I would still never ever sign a petition banning the man from speaking at Hillsong or any other conference for that matter.  If people really  want to protest Mark Driscoll appearance,  just simply boycott the conference. That is far more effective and to the point, than signing a petition. Source:
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  1. This is what I love about Hill song conferences! Their not afraid to bring in Christian pastors from different denominations to speak. Ed Young Jr., Rick Warren, and now Mark Driscoll. Tear down the walls...lord knows our world needs us to do it.

    1. Anonymous I don't know what all the hoopla is all about Driscoll is being interviewed about recent events, he isn't preaching.

  2. Let the man be! But 6 months is way to soon. He needs a way longer stand down period.

  3. These petty people who continue to nurse their grudges against Driscoll need to forgive and move on already. He's done more for the Kingdom of God than any of his nay sayers ever will. I've benefited from his preaching and so have many others. Christians need to stop shooting inside the tent.


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