Fix It Jesus: Company Releases “Child Love Dolls” To Stop Pedophiles?

Lord have mercy what kind of "Sam Hill Foolishness" is this? This guy wants to make,money off a sick action against children. The problem with the dolls in my opinion is that pedophiles are not attracted to just the image of a child but the actual child. It seems the doll will intensify the desire to be with a child.  Readers what do you think?


  1. I think that I mean, if it stops them from attacking real kids, how can we be against it?...If it makes them even more likely to assault children, though, it's certainly another matter...I guess we'd need studies, though, to indicate whether it'd help or not...but many seem to be so sure they have the final say on the any rate, we shouldn't forget that being a pedophile is probably largely genetic...

    1. Interesting point. But these dolls will have about as much affect on stopping pedophillia, as adult blow up dolls have had on stopping rapist. Plus, anyone who buys one of these dolls would basically be admitting to having a vile & foul attraction to children. In my opinion, this whole thing may have good intentions, but it's a very stupid idea.

  2. Rape isn't about attraction... it is about power! The dolls would just serve as a training ground for the real thing. There is no satisfaction for lust!

  3. This has been reported to ba a rumor via They said this is a hoax story being passed around the net.

    1. Thanks Calledtocontend for letting the readers know this is not true. The story was verified on a number of popular websites.


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