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Thursday, April 9, 2015

According To Recent Poll Discloses 73% Of 1st Ladies Are Unhappy!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. Pastor Jamal Bryant posted the following to his Facebook page, and y'all know the rest:  Recent poll discloses 73% of ministers spouses are unhappy....don't rush to sit on front row if you not prepared for frontline. I remember several years ago a young lady told me she was "called to be a Pastor's wife." until this date, I've yet to find that in the good book.
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  1. Well MAYBE they're unhappy because……

    Its a made up title to give them STATUS IN LEADERSHIP.

    or they should be looking for a GOOD HUSBAND instead of a pastor to marry so they can get an instant promotion to CO-PASTOR.

    And when did God start calling people to MARRY SOMEONE who is in a certain career?

    I remember when men would refer to women who wanted to marry a man of certain riches or status (CEO's, Pro ball players, and recording artists) as Chicken heads.
    And think we can expand the list to woman seeking pastors as well.

    1. Cop...u my dude! I was a professional athlete. So that hit home. U really need to start your own blog. Seriously...holla

  2. It's simple, the spouse, and sometimes it is a man...more women pastors now. Because theyknow that the man prancing and dancing and shouting, and screaming scripture is a 2 faced phony. Not bashing mind you, but he or she understands that the version the church is getting is the Readers Digest Version..Just because the title is pastor does not make them a shepherd ,a true teacher of God's word.


  3. This is a powerful study. In my opinion, ministry takes a lot. If there isn't a balance in the home, then there won't be happiness as a spouse. Demonic attacks are ever present in such settings and scenarios, but my prayer is that we as the "body of Christ" keep our first families in much prayer. Disheartening to say the least.


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