Question For Today: Is Reality TV Making Church Celebrities Out Of Pastors?

Yesterday a much-heated debate took place on Facebook surrounding the shows Preachers of Detroit and Preachers of LA. The main argument was that these shows are all about branding the image of the preacher/pastor/teacher and the trafficking and selling of self.(Ezekiel 28:16-18) The end game is covetousness, selfish ambition, idolatry and the pride of life - All in the name of Jesus. These pastors are not representing God but instead they are representing themselves by producing CHURCH CELEBRITIES.

Update Bishop Corletta Vaughn walking the Red Carpet at the Stellar Awards 2015.


  1. How is this different from "Duck Dynasty"?

  2. Anonymous good question hopeful someone can answer that for you. But, in all honest I've never watched "Duck Dynasty". I don't have a clue what that show is about.

  3. Duck dynasty:
    Is about some country men who became wealthy making duck callers and hunting equipment (thus the name Duck in the tittle) and how they act with their rather new wealth and manage their business as a family (think Beverly Hillbillies). But they HAPPEN to be Christian.

    Preachers of LA/Detroit
    These preachers "faith" is suppose to be the main purpose of the show (thus the tittle "PREACHERS"). But instead we see bickering pastors, trumped up drama, and million dollar life styles of which very few in their congregations could even hope to live.

    And if you look real carefully you MIGHT see a tiny bit of them actually living as servants of the Lord. But you have to look real hard.

    At least Duck dynasty (an equally foolish program) shows more of what is advertised in the tittle.

    Just my observation.

    1. Duck Dynasty is more like Sarah Palin and her family, but the people from DD are more intelligent.

  4. Now to the matter at hand.

    The main reason these pastors are on this show is for publicity.
    "Look at how I handle my church, my relationships, my money, and my business."

    All for the purpose of increasing "their brand".
    They are under the impression that more fame means more money.
    And that may be the case.

    But what they fail to realize is that with the fame (and possible extra money) comes a microscope into their lives.

    Our church leaders don't have to be perfect, but they should at least have a good reputation.

    But What do we see in the preacher series?

    Haddon, with "TWO KIDS" out of wedlock.

    Noel Jones, playing women both on and off the screen.

    Corletta Vaughn, all to willing to end her marriage because she thinks her husband doesn't see "her vision" (what ever that means).

    And from most some of them,
    "UNNECESSARY" and foolish use of money

    The Gibson's have AT LEAST 8 different high end cars
    (It's only him and his wife)

    Clarence Lagston driving a Bently through Detroit. "A BENTLY" through the poorest neighborhoods in the country.

    Both Charles Ellis & Clarence McClendon
    Sitting in the POWER offices as if "THEY" built a million dollar company from the ground up.

    When in fact, they USED THE PEOPLE to finance their start up capital (for themselves) for other businesses to allow them to be independently wealthy.

    These shows are for THEMSELVES and self promotion.

    1. Cop you hit the nail on the head. The Apostle Paul strongly criticized some church leaders of his time whose lives caused unbelievers to look upon the church as having no credibility and, ultimately, rejected God because some church leaders who supposedly represented God were no more morally sound than the average unbeliever.

      Paul was clearly suggesting that lifestyle evangelism is key to winning souls and those church leaders whose lifestyle did not reflect godliness were a detriment to the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      A strong case can be made that Bishop Charles Ellis III, of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit and Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) has indeed caused the name of God to be blasphemed or cursed among unbelievers and, thus, should give sincere consideration to stepping down to pursue his secular goals which have become pre-eminent to preaching the gospel to Bishop Ellis.

    2. Cop I remember last year watching an interview on BET where this pastor in Detroit said that these reality shows, in the long run, would cause people to believe that clergy are “primarily interested in being celebrities.” I think he got it right.

    3. That is exactly what's happened.

      And unfortunately the pastors and the people tha whorship them don't even see it.


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