Fix It Jesus: Because Of Social Media Backlash Pastor Creflo Dollar Force To Remove His Donations Page!

After a huge social media backlash, a web page from Pastor Creflo Dollar Ministries soliciting $65 million for a new Gulfstream G650 jet has apparently vanished. Despite the disappearance of the "Project G650" page from the Creflo Dollar Ministries page, supporters are still able to donate to the project via the ministry's donations page.


  1. I can't wait to see how he's going to spin this on Sunday morning!

    1. Mike they have already started the spin. Check out the following comment:

      I'm hearing the gofundme page was fake. Which would make sense now. He wouldn't have to start a gofundme page for that in the first place which is why it seemed so odd to me.

  2. The current jet has been in service for 30 years. Creflo has proven he is a great steward of Gods resources. God will touch the right people's heart too help him get the goal. Just watch.

    1. I think it's LAUGHABLE that you believe Creflo is a good steward of resources in his attempt to buy ONE AIRPLANE for 65 million dollars.

      Here is what he should do with 65 million dollars of OTHER PEOPLES MONEY (if he is such a good steward).

      He could pay could pay for college for 1000 students. ALL FOUR YEARS.

      He could purchase a fleet of 2,500 BRAND-NEW CARS for people who need transportation.

      In Atlanta he could buy 400 people homes COMPLETELY, NO MORTGAGE. (based on average price 166k in Atlanta)

      How about this idea.
      Buy a C-130 cargo plane for half the price (32 million).
      Then not only could he travel the world with more then just HIS FAMILY (c-130 can seat between 60 and 90 people)he could deliver a plane full of food, water, first aid, Bibles, and other goods.


    2. Yes and amen. cop!

    3. Not really. People are in financial straights because they need the education to learn how to better prioritize their financial issues. Giving away cars will seem like a nice gesture but it wont turn improve people. I do agree with putting kids through schools though. Same thing with home owners. They're not home owners for a reason so giving them a home is like giving a baby with no teeth a steak.

    4. I wouldn't paint such a broad stroke and say EVERYBODY with financial problems is because they don't have an education.

      Chronic illnesses, house fires, death of the primary money earner, or Bernie Madoff type theft could also wipe out a family's finances.
      BUT I do see your point.

      I just wanted to point out that with 65 million dollars Creflo could make a MAJOR impact in the city of College park Georgia (home of his church) if he would think less about HIS OWN PERSONAL NEEDS(WANTS) and more about the people around him whom he claims to want to impact with his NEW JET.

      Just a little side note I heard on a blog discussion:

      If Creflo is such a good Stewart of resources, why couldn't he save the money to buy a new plane?

      His ministry has made well over 65 million dollars every year for SEVERAL YEARS.

      He didn't think to put money into some type of savings account or mutual fund.

  3. Creflo dollar is a man of God and he will get that jet the devil and people thats connected with him have a problem with it.

  4. Remember Creflo Dollar had a 3.25 Million dollar condo on Columbus Circle in which he sold in 2012. Guess who financed that ish?


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